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Double Xp event / Are they gearing up for something bigger?

ursacorursacor Member UncommonPosts: 102
Heroes and Villains, prepare to experience our first ever Double XP weekend event! The rules are simple. Hero and Villain characters will receive double the XP for all of their accomplishments in the game. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up your favorite characters. Good luck and have fun!

Event Timing:

Start: Friday, July 21st at 9am PST / 12pm EST
Finish: Sunday, July 23rd, 8:59pm PST / 11:59pm EST


So what does everything think about this, is it their way of saying their sorry for past sins. Or it is a precurser of something larger to come?


  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    Oh I could only wish it was a precursor to something larger like let's say...fixing the xp grind to make the levels go by quicker so people aren't bummed out making 200 alts and killing them all off by level 10 only to make 20 more alts because the grinding of several characters is painfully slow. Granted not all level slow, some people can blast through levels like cracked out chipmunks but for alot of us its a treadmill.

    It could just possibly be a, "we're sorry we nerfed this class and buffed that class and pvp is borked in numerous ways, have a little more xp,reactivate your accounts for another 3 months until we can sweet talk you into staying another 3months after our next issue with promises of new powersets, better options, more missions and buffs that will only effect 2% of the player base, yay!"

    I'm not bitter tho, I loved both Coh and CoV but I also enjoy logging in for an hour and making some progress more so than ho hum another mission that was the same 20 levels ago...I love the character design tools/templates and all the powersets and I make regular alts and run them around seeing what I like but unfortunately after the first 20 or so they get deleted so I can go back to the mains only to log off withing 10mins..oh well..great community, good game ideas, just think its prob time to move on regardless of double the fun xp weekend.

    Just my 2 infamy and I do not represent the entire community of CoH and CoV and am basing information provided on personal experience only.(Disclaimer added to ward off flamethrowing ninjas and hairy knuckled trolls who will split you into sections based on an opinion that does not relate to theirs.)

    ---I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm simply saving you from that hideous costume you're wearing.

  • BafucinBafucin Member Posts: 276

    Maybe they found out that PvP is kind of low. And need more Villains at higher lvl to start some war. ^^

    Or they are going to change something and hope people will stay happy now when we have double xp week.

    Or people leave and they need a little "come play this game" thing. =)

    Or they just happy and wanna give us this. ^^

  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    I was getting kind of bummed out playing through the grind with this game, but since I had a couple weeks left on the account I figured I would try the double xp weekend. So I rerolled a toon and all I can say is, "please make it a standard!", the ease of leveling is a little better and you can definately feel the slight difference in infamy accumulation plus the levels go by a little quicker than before. So, hopefully they are testing it out and make it a mainstay for both CoH and CoV, either that or it's just a "hurry up and level more so the poor heroes have something to bash on" kinda event.

    ---I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm simply saving you from that hideous costume you're wearing.

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,612

    If there was another way to gain XP besides running mission after mission until your eyes bleed then they would have a lot more higher level players. The grind is too harsh for the amount of content they give you. It's a shame too, because the character creation and combat are top notch.

    CoH/CoV will always be a 1/10 and a 10/10 at the same time for me.

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  • tutetute Member UncommonPosts: 299
    I went to the NCSoft booth during the Comic-Con, but there wasn't the same excitement as there was the last time they were there.  Everytime I get the urge to sign-up, I just remember how little they've done to increase my enjoyment of the game over the past few issues but have done just the opposite.  I'm glad I did not sign up for a month just for one weekend of double xp.  

  • SpiritraiserSpiritraiser Member UncommonPosts: 175
    I almost signed up for it but luckily I was somewhat busy with other things over the weekend and avoided it. If something changes I will re-think it :)i
  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    I managed to get a few hours here and there of the double xp event and was rather pleased with my progress. I took a new toon to 22 doing non-stop pvp missions once hitting 15 and just enjoyed the flow. I liked the fact that you could basically speed race to single origin enhancement bypassing alot of the boring parts like the climb up the ladder for stamina and a travel power, was really worth it for that alone.

    The game still felt like a grind, course it could have been just me doin the same missions non-stop but I already played through the first group of contacts and didnt miss it at all.

    I wish they would implement a server or a slider bar option for those of us who actually want double xp while still allowing traditional grinding players to still enjoy their gaming experience also, course thats just my 2 infamy.

    ---I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm simply saving you from that hideous costume you're wearing.

  • tutetute Member UncommonPosts: 299

    Regarding the subject of this thread, I don't see any big event coming down the pike soon?  Generally, the devs have reversed their thinking when it comes to players(e.g. start weaker then buff instead of vice versa) and since double XP really benefits the player, one weekend is not enough for them to datamine its impact.  They haven't even fixed GMs/AVs yet, another player 'benefit', so I suspect 'gearing up' will mean at least another 3 or 4 double XP events over as many months.

  • ManacondaManaconda Member Posts: 15
    The event turned out great on all servers. Freedom of course turned red for a few day's and it was nice for a change. If they want players to stay they should do double XP all the time.

  • tutetute Member UncommonPosts: 299
    That would definitely be some incentive for me to return.

  • damian7damian7 Member Posts: 4,449
    new maps, new mission types, new mob models (stop dressing up outcasts in different colors and calling them by a new name~!!!!!!!!!!!!!) would be incentive to play again.

    i agree with the 1/10 and 10/10 guy.... character creation/powersets are definitely on the 10/10 side, gameplay still seems to be around the 1/10 side.

    could we please get correspondent writers and moderators, on the eve forum at, who are well-versed on eve-online and aren't just passersby pushing buttons? pretty please?

  • tutetute Member UncommonPosts: 299

    Yep, I completely disagree with people saying the game is more of a challenge after ED and I5 or really that different from the beginning.  If they had kept the aggro cap higher than 17 then yes to a small extent.  Say the cap was higher, even then I would just use the same tactics(button mashing) but just on fewer mobs.  With the aggro cap, I don't even have to think that much.  I'm not saying the game doesn't need any tactics at all, especially after watching my friend(who comes from consoles) play it the first few times, but saying I5/ED increased challenge is just BS imo.

    Gameplay has remained essentially the same, just more of a grind now.  I hope Mayhem missions are just the start of introducing new tactics into combat.  And I hope the Legend system includes increasing the aggro cap as well as increasing the power of our 50s.

    And as always, I wish they would get performance up to par on at least mid-range systems.

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