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Fung Wan

elitwebbelitwebb Member Posts: 342
This game Fun's my Wang off.


  • crabdogcrabdog Member Posts: 30

    This game, IMHO is sadly underrated and deserves much more praise than it gets. Although the graphics engine is quite dated the character animations are still top notch. On the scenery side of things it can be a bit lacking but this is more than compensated for by the gameplay and community. As for the gameplay it can be repetitive, especially the grinding at higher levels but they way the skills and power system is implemented makes getting those few extra levels so much more rewarding. Unlike many other games, FungWan makes you think and plan your character build very carefully. If you don't plan your skills in advance or listen to advice from experienced players you will most likely end up with a character that just doesn't cut it at the higher levels.

    The other great thing about this game is the community. The chat system is very well thought out with only one chat box that filters can be applied to allowing all or only the desired channels' text to be displayed. The different channel messages are displayed in their own unique color which makes them easily distinguished from the others. I know this has been done in other games too, but for some reason it just seems to work so well in this one. The other wonderful thing about this game is that after joining a clan you will see and get to know other players from in your 'family' and unlike so many other mmo's you really feel the different personalities of other members. Players can be promoted to Seniors, Hall Leaders or Ministers but only if you meet the requirements set by the clan. Then of course there is the clan leader who (if they are doing their job properly) keeps everything running in order.

    PvP is supported in a few different can attack anyone at anytime, unless you're in one of the 'safe zones' but random/wanton killing does not go unpunished. If you attack another player for no reason you will be rewarded with a flashing skull over your head which basically means you are branded as a bad guy and available for anyone to attack without any fear of reprisal. The skulls last from 15-30 minutes depending on the offense. Oh yeah, you also get Player Kill penalty points when you do that too which can hurt your build aspirations later in the game. Apart from that, you can challenge any player to a Duel, which has no negative consequence (except maybe some damage to you pride if you lose!). Then there are the clan skirmishes which occur in a designated skirmish area/zone and my favorite - Open War! In open war your whole clan can fight and kill members from the opposing clans at will with no penalty and if you manage to kill someone close to your own level or higher than your level you will be rewarded with Hero Points which apart from being nice for your ego can be useful in other ways but I won't go into that here.

    There are so many other things to talk about but right now I just don't have time so I will finish up with a few little things:

    Character customisation is a little lacking in this game but if you're going to give it a go I suggest you try to remember that the game is quite old already. Wars are fun: killing and attacking/defending clan relics and strongholds is really a load of fun. The skills and power system requires careful planning but makes for a nice diversity of player strengths and keeps things interesting. The community is amongst (if not the best) I have experienced in this type of game. Lastly - give it a shot, it's free :)

  • xoblivionxxxoblivionxx Member CommonPosts: 77

    Thanks Crabdog, what you have written has given me insight into this game and its unique features. i will definitely try it out. I just don't like the malaysian part...


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