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Huge list of Patch notes!

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  • Increased the Experience Rates gained when a server reboots
  • Epic Encounters now contain Rank 8 Bane Scrolls as part of their rewards
  • The Alchemist in Hothor's Doom has her own building now


  • Changed the casting times on the Mage powers Spectral Bonds, Enfeeblement, and Weakening
  • Increased the stamina gains per level for Rogue-based characters
  • Rogue-based characters that wear Medium Armor can now Dodge
  • Increased the Offensive Stances for all Rogue-Based characters unless they were already at Grand Master
  • The Backstab power is now flagged as Bleeding Damage
  • The Rogue-based powers Hide and Sneak are now accompanied by Power Text when casting has begun
  • Rogue-based Barbarians now have access to higher level Axe and Hammer weapon powers
  • Changed the casting time for the Channeler powers Ice Bolt
  • Changed the Channeler powers Flesh of Granite and Flesh of Lead to self-only and increased the damage absorbed by them
  • Changed the casting times for the Confessor powers Inspire the Chosen, Purgation, and Uvoriel's Judgment
  • The Confessor power Steadfast Soul is now self-only and has had an increase on damage absorbed
  • Increased the Offensive Stance of Mage-based Doomsayers
  • Changed
    the casting times of the Doomsayer powers Corrupt the Flesh, The Void's
    Wild Vengeance, Kliszhenk's Doom, and Dread Curse of Veshteroth
  • The direct damage effect of the Druid's Blight power has been increased while decreasing the casting time
  • Decreased the casting time on the Druid's Grasp of Thorn's power while increasing the recycle time
  • Decreased the casting times on the Druid's Call Lightning and Hedge of Thorns powers
  • Druids have been granted a new power called Oaken Flesh that works as a personal Damage Absorber
  • Granted +10 Parry Skill to Huntresses
  • Increased the Fighter-based Huntress Offensive Stance
  • Decreased the Fighter-based Huntress Stance
  • Increased the Offensive Stance of Necromancers
  • The Necromancer's power Unholy Terror is now group-friendly and has a healing mantle secondary effect
  • Reduced the Recycle time on Unholy Storm for Necromancers
  • The Necromancer power Mantle of Flesh has been changed to Self-Only and increased the amount of damage it will absorb
  • The Nightstalker power Stake to the Heart is now considered aggressive
  • Prelate Trainers now train the Sword Skill
  • Prelates have been granted a few Sword Attack Powers
  • Decreased the recycle time on the Prelate's Saint Lorne's Ire power
  • Changed the Casting Times on a Priests Divine Sanction and Grasp of the All-Father powers
  • Changed the Scout's Pathfinding power to be mana based
  • Increased the range of the Scout's Hunt Foe power
  • Decreased the Stamina Cost on a Scout's Hunt Prey power
  • Decreased the Stamina Cost on a Thief's Peek power
  • Granted Peek and Steal to Theives with 20 free trains each
  • Granted Thieves' a new Power called Crippling Blow that debuffs a target's dexterity, strength, and defense
  • Granted Thieves' a new Power called Retreat that works as a personal run buff
  • Added a secondary effect to the Warlock's Battlemind power that increases melee damage
  • Changed the casting time of the Warlock's Dull the Mind and added a secondary mana recovery debuff effect
  • Changed the casting time of the Warlock's Dull the Body and added a secondary health recovery debuff effect
  • Increased the range of the Warlock's Mind Trap and Psychic Shout powers
  • Awarded 20 free trains to the Warlock's Mind Trap power
  • The effects of the Wizard's Sign of H'gaan have been raised
  • Changed
    the casting times of the Wizard's Translocation, Greater Translocation,
    Charm of Binding, Sign of H'gaan, and Sign of Disruption Powers


  • Added a Siege Golem to the Animator Discipline which works as a Siege Pet
  • Added an Ice Fiend to the Summoner Discipline which works as a Siege Pet


  • Guilds attached to a Safehold can no longer drop a Bane Stone
  • Bane Stone Hit Points have been increased to roughly half that of an equal rank Tree of Life
  • Buildings of War can no longer be placed by attackers on a defender's city grid
  • Buildings of War are now solely owned by the Guild Leader
  • Thieves Charters are now accepting guilds to swear fealty to them


  • The font used in the Selection Windows has been changed to Onuava
  • The Global and Trade channels have been removed

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