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Dark Prodigy

Hey everybody, Dark Prodigy's Craenen here,

Dark Prodigy is a newly formed guild looking to release in Warhammer online, or Lord of the Rings online. Which one, we still are not sure of.  But if you are  someone that is looking for a very dedicated group of friends to play with online then we are for you.  Come join Dark Prodigy and help bring up this clan from the very beginning.  As I had said, we have not picked which game we will release in, however our decision will be based in our members.  Both Mmorp's look like good potential releases.  Come help us decide the fate of Dark Prodigy and join our new MMo gamming family.

Dark Prodigy was created by three close college friends looking for a great game and a friendly guild.  We've played World of warcraft, Shadowbane, Everquest, and currently playing Guild Wars until our official release.  While we played other MMo's we found it hard to find the right guild that was mature, friendly, fun, and had an all-around good enviornment. 

Because we are looking for Dedicated members, a few of the rules set up on our temporary web page may turn some away, but we are only looking for the long term members (People looking to join a group of friends that can have a fun time inside the guild). 

The guild is for mature adults; however, we will recruite 16 years and older.  If you are younger towards that 16 year line, prove to us that you are mature so we won't think twice of accepting membership.  As we are all adults please read over the entire site make sure this is the guild for you.  After you make your decision you can contact me.  My contact info is on the temporary site for you to use.

We hope to talk to you soon and help you make the right decision whether Dark Prodigy is the right guild for you.


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