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Legend Of Mir3

LastSoulLastSoul Member Posts: 1
a few years back this game was amazing, i was truely addicted from the day i played this game and now 2-3years later its taking its toll, and i have finaly quit it... unfortunatly it is a highly addictive game and very good..

the bad thing is the community now is getting older and moving on and no new people coming in, i cant predict mir3 being here much longer, the former EU staff were well... a bit useless and they still have managed to make this EU server just as corrupt (they created thier own characters lots of gold and very rare items) if you are new to mir go to the USA server. There is less people there but you will find its better and the people there are more willing to help as a whole (USA = www.lom3.com , EU = www.lom3europe.com)


  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124
    I have to agree, with out something to keep players interested they leave very fast. My guild has over 20 players who simply never paid after the 2 weeks free. We really try to help players get started but it is frustrating when they leave and to look around and reralise the server just might go belly up any day.

    Don't ya eat the yellow snow!

  • GMTeamGMTeam Member Posts: 2

    The USA Server isn't going anywhere any time soon. They have great support system and active GM's they are currently making some well needed changes to the game. Would be nice to see new groups/guilds come to server. makes for an intesrting game :)

  • FireburstFireburst Member UncommonPosts: 200

    This is a very good game. i used to play the Euro version but I got fed up of GameNetwork who ran that version.

    The US version is much better (although the population is a little lower) with active GM's. It is however starved of current updates which is the fault of WeMade Entertainment who are the game developers. A few more events wouldn't go amiss either but this still remains a very good game.

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