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May come back, help.

PibiaNPibiaN Member Posts: 40
Hey, I am a former player of RF Online and I was maybe wanting to come back to the game. I was a Lvl.15 Accertia Warrior and maybe it was cause of my class that It was boring. Should I come back and just be something else or just level the 15. I was thinking about making a Bellato but I dont know, please give suggestions on what Server and what Class/Race to pick. Thanks,



  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186

    whatever class you pick its gonna be pretty dull from 1-30 thats just the way of the game nothing to break up the grind till about 30.

    atm pick whichever server you like the sound of there all pretty unbalanced people say spirit has balance but acc win every cw pretty much. CM are planning a server merge right now in an attempt to create racial balance with numbers there will only be 2 servers soon anyway so choose whichever itll all change in the next few months.

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