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s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186
Ok we get regular questions asked on this forum, so I decided to make an FAQ for anyone interested in RF:O. I'll be happy to add any questions anyone wants answering or feels is important to know. I have made this based on questions previously asked plus a few more. I will try an be as un-biased as possible when answering.

1. Is this game a complete grind fest?

Yes, there are no real quests its a simple case of kill enough of monsters A to get a level then go kill monsters B to get the next.

2. So what is the point to it?

Everything you do in the game previous to PvP or the CW is to make your character able to fight well in PvP. It at times has very little fun factor it all depends on your personality; do you like working hard to gain those extra levels which differenciate you between a nobody and a PvP GOD.

3. Does the PvP interfere with my leveling?

Once you reach 30 it will become an interference, often you will come across players in certain leveling areas much higher level than you who will kill you in 1-3 hits. However it is easy enough to wait a few minutes till they get bored an go off or alternatively go somewhere else to somewhere else to carry on your grind.

4. How long does it take to level in this game?

This depends on different factors but in a nut shell it'll take a matter of a 4-5 hours grinding to get from 1-20 but it is possible to get through it even quicker. after 20 the grind become progressively slower till you reach 30. From 30 the grind really starts to be slowed because you need to ensure your PT's are leveled high enough which will be explained below.

5. What are PT's?

In RF you level as you do in most other MMO's by killing mobs you gain xp. However on top of this you also get PT's, this is what slows your leveling down. PT's are skills and how they are leveled/which ones you have depends on your class and race. For example melee PT's are leveled by attacking creatures with a melee weapon.

6. What is the combat like?

Its pretty much your standard MMORPG, you use skills which are placed into boxes numbering 1-10 in four rows.

7. What are these Mechs I've been seeing / what are these MAU's BMAU's I've been hearing so much about?

the mechs or MAU's/BMAU's are machines which can be ridden in by one of the races the bellato. they are a specialist class which allow the bellato to ride in the mechs.

8. What are the server populations like?

they vary from servers you can check them on the forums here:

9. What is the PvP like in this game?

the PvP is based around something known as the chip war or CW which occur every 8 hours and last for up to 3 hours a time. Its basically the 3 races trying to destroy each others "chip" which is basically a statue with a massive amount of health or HP. Whoever is left with their chip in tact wins.

10. So what is the point in the chip war?

Winning the chip war gives that race access to what is known as the core which is the center of a mining area. The core gives a massive increase on mining rate which is all to do with making money an plays a part in upgrades for items.

11. Is this game well balanced?

Here it is hard to say so without giving my opinion, the balance is good considering the young age of the game however like most PvP MMO's it has its problems.

12. Are there any MMO's that RF compares to?

RF from my experience (which is a long list of MMO's) is pretty unique for its content, however it is similar in many ways to any other korean MMO so the most similar Western MMO it does compare to is L2 however they still have massive differences between them.

13. Is the game still worth playing are there new players?

Yes its always worth trying, the game has a steady stream of new players trying the game so you won't be alone all the way to 30+.

14. Is there a free trial?

There was but for a few reasons it is now closed. However i managed to pick up a copy of the game for just £15/$27 which gives 30 days free, to me it depends on how much you value that sort of money I thought it was worth a try an for me it worked out fine

15. What is this game like for anyone not interested in PvP?

Unless you enjoy grinding, grinding and more grinding then you have no game here for you.

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