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Can anyone answer this question?

Is it true that there is or will be a mmorpg game that will determine the looks/builts of a character based on what they do in the game?  ie. someone that melee's alot would look more built.  If so please tell me the name of the game so that i may do research on wether if it would be worth getting or not, with all of these massive online games stacking up. So many choices so little time. From UO to DoAC to RO now they  have starwars galaxy, FFXI, and soon World of Warcraft.


  • |MaguS||MaguS| Member Posts: 317
    Fable for the Xbox is abit like that... If your evil your character becomes more evil looking and casters grow paler due to all teh time they have to study indoors... I also do think that your physical appearance changes but its been awhile since i read up on the game... Its a Single Player game though with a 3 or 4 player mode though...

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