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What we know so far...

sundaysoulboysundaysoulboy Member Posts: 30

Hey guys, i thought i'd start this thread so we can pool information we know about Aion, as there seems to be little info out there and no fan-sites around yet. If you wish to add anything just state where the source came from and stick it in here :) I got this e3 review from Gameamp.

"The biggest surprise title of E3 was Aion. One of the up and coming NCsoft titles, this game looks absolutely astounding. Guaranteed to make all the graphics hounds out there drool on their keyboards in anticipation of seeing more from the title. The character design in this game is phenomenal and is a joint effort between a US and Korean team. The game has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in any game any where on any platform. The attention to detail in the game is even more amazing. When you attack an enemy with a weapon, you can actually see the texturing on the model change to reflect the damage! A very Very smooth touch. In addition killing mobs results in the loot flying out in little treasure chests that have real physics applied to them. They will even go bouncing down a hill to rest in a pool of water. The chests also come in different colors and details denoting just how sweet the loot you’re about to pick up is. The modeling and texturing in this game shows a very advanced understanding of what appeals to a world wide market. Very in-depth monsters which ooze detail from every pore down to their death sequences. There was no doubt that Aion would win Best Graphics from the very first moment we laid eyes on the monitors; from color palette to terrain design the Aion design team is definitely comprised of some of the most skilled artists to be found in the world. Aion isn’t just all graphics though; check out the the Full Review of Aion to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…"

Aion E3 Review - NCsoft

While standing around the Aion portion of the NCsoft booth I continually heard the same expression uttered by almost every person who took their first glance at Aion; WOW! I think this entire review can pretty much be summed up in that single word. Pronounced ion, this is NCsofts heavy hitter in the making. A joint effort between a South Korean and U.S. team this title was completely unexpected. If you came here from GameAmp’s E3 Awards page you would know this was the Best Graphics winner; hands down. Nothing I have ever seen holds a candle to Aion’s graphics. Visually stunning, highly addictive, and we only got to see a fraction of the game. The story takes us to an Angels vs Demons theme. Only the Angel's side was playable and viewable but that’s all you need to see to know this title is going to be huge.

I could keep going on and on about the graphics in Aion for years but I’m sure you would all get bored. Instead I’ll keep it straight and to the point. From modeling to texturing to bump mapping to terrain to visual effects to water to particle systems to character and monster design to anything else you can possibly imagine that involves graphics; you’ve never seen anything better from an MMO. Even the casting progress indicator has been custom designed to look completely unique! This title is a visionary masterpiece brought together by a group of designers who are masters of their trade.

Questing seems very straight forward with most quests coming from NPCs. Keep in mind Aion is still very early in development and only a very small fraction of what is going to be in the final release can be seen. Questing in the demo already displayed creativity and diversity. From kill quests to an exploration quest searching for an item contained in a piece of terrain. There was a small note to be found inside of a mushroom if you shook it. Shake another mushroom to search it and you may find something different or you may even find that you’ve turned into a mushroom yourself! Very creative and fun I can’t wait to see more of Aion’s quest system.

Aion’s Gameplay is fantastic; tons of fun, easy to use controls, and some really powerful skills. Aion also allows you to chain together skill or spell combinations in order to unlock other skills. Playing the four different classes available I found that the combinations could get very complex if the dev team so decided. They have also added a system which allows you to gain points for each monster you kill. These points are displayed in a progress bar and may be spent by using a special skill that is class dependant; unleashing this skill hits for massive damage to a single or group of mobs. One thing that is common across all of these special skills is that the camera becomes animated and does a fly-around above your character as he or she builds up the energy to release at your opponents…

Character Progression
With a short demo available for Aion it was difficult to tell a good deal about character progression. There are however a ton of spells and skills available with different ranks that may be earned at different levels. There is no doubt that character progression will play a big role in Aion but just how much is yet to be seen.

The gear in Aion is absolutely amazing. Each piece of armor and each weapon you pick up looks completely different while still keeping within the same theme and look. Epic drops are shown as completely different looking treasure chests which fly out of defeated mobs. These treasure chests are subject to physics rules and can go bouncing down a steep incline to rest at the bottom of a pool of water! Every piece of gear you pick up in the demo makes you want to continue your quest to see what’s next. One can only imagine what top tier gear in this game will look like!

While still a long ways off till completion and with no demons to be seen at E3 I can safely say this will be a very popular title. Just the graphics alone in this game will suck in players and keep them leveling just to see what’s next. In parts of the game you will even be able to gain wings and fly to new areas. GameAmp will be keeping a very close eye on Aion’s progress and we will be launching our own site very soon. Keep checking back for more information as it becomes available! 

Waiting For;
Warhammer Online
Project Offset


  • LaunvatarLaunvatar Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 127
    thanks for information


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  • KharmedKharmed Member Posts: 101
    I am highly looking forward your fan website.

    I've been a moderator/special project(forum shop items fan art) for RFO on a fansite and this has given me a need to know a trusty fansite.

    If you need me you can always send me a private message on these boards!


  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 2,034
    Hi. What was the character creation like, I know its too early to say what it will be like in the end but what kinds of stuff did they let you do?

    Nice information thanks!

  • JaredwcooperJaredwcooper Member Posts: 4

    Everything looks to be promising. I've been trying to find all the information I can about the game. Can't wait until beta/release.  Seems like this will be a refreshing start after leaving WoW.

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  • DisturbingDisturbing Member Posts: 25

    Very dissapointing, but from what I read this information should be put out...

    3rd paragraph down =/

    "As currently implemented, in-game flight goes down strict paths, much like gryphon rides in World of Warcraft. Currently the designers are considering whether or not to allow more freedom of movement while in flight."

    The people of aion need to push their consideration to what we want =} Heh.

    Go ahead and give me a private message, Dedicated team-leader looking for a fansite staff to join ;)


  • Synyster777Synyster777 Member Posts: 301

    I agree with your posts 100% disturbing. I've been looking through all the upcoming mmo's and I needed to find one that just struck me like a bolt. Iv'e played FFXI, WoW, guild wars and I enjoyed them all but they had flaws. This game I hope will just blow me away and eveyone else.


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  • Dudeman7475Dudeman7475 Member Posts: 78

    well i didnt see this on here and i know that this gave me more information than i already know.

    May 13, 2006 - AION stands for "Epic Everlasting World." Created by NCsoft's Seoul development studio, it is an MMO which looks to break from convention. According to Yong Taek Bae, Associate Producer for NCsoft Seoul, there will be none of the level-grinding which is common in Korean MMOs. Although not fully disclosed at this time, the leveling-up system will be different from what you would normally expect.

    The premise behind the game is an epic conflict between Demons and Angels, which are the two playable factions of the game. Although details are pending, both of the classes will have bonuses and attributes specific to each. Both will have wings, enabling fast travel throughout the vast world displayed at E3.

    In an interesting twist, all player stats and actions will be recorded. This is significant as the information accumulates over time. How you interact with others and play the game will be tracked. As time progresses, these stats will begin to affect your player and those around you. In instance raids, your stats will either enhance or detract the characteristics of your party

    AION will have dragons as a third (non-playable) faction. They will have a strong effect on the game, especially in terms of faction balance. At this time, it is unknown how dragons will affect PvE combat although it can be surmised that they will guard loot. In PvP combat, dragons will actually be used to balance out faction wars. Depending on which faction you choose (Demons or Angels), you might find yourself on the receiving end of a fireball. According to NCsoft, the dragons' primary function is to balance out the game world. If one faction is becoming too dominant, the dragons will step in and launch an attack. As to what extent is currently unknown, but it may result in bringing the stronger faction in line with the other.

    There will be eight player classes total, including Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, and Healer. All player classes will be able to change their weapons, armor, and relics on the fly in combat. You will also have access to combo attacks, for devastating effect on your opponents. NCsoft is also including weather effects, which will impact combat abilities. If you are using a lightning attack in the middle of a rain storm, you will get bonuses to hit and damage. If you use a fire attack, however, there will be significant penalties levied against you.

    From a technical standpoint, AION looks to bring some nice visuals to the table. Using the Crytek Sandbox 1.0 Engine (Far Cry) the game will include a heat shimmering effect near the ground (based upon the locale and climate). Weapons are nicely detailed, and there appear to be normal maps. For an MMO, there is a fair amount of groundcover and lush greenery (taking advantage of Sandbox's ability to handle large numbers of objects). Materials have been given their own characteristics, meaning that if you walk thru terrain like marshland or shallow water, your character will slow down accordingly. NCsoft has assured us that system specs will be low, so all users can enjoy the lush visuals and effects. Expect to see AION released worldwide in 2007.


  • cuz_whycuz_why Member Posts: 6
    Awesome read and information on the game if no one has a clue to what Aion is, thanks guys!

  • RyuukoGoRyuukoGo Member Posts: 235
    Has anyone seen in-game clips with..say.. 300+ in an area?
  • Dudeman7475Dudeman7475 Member Posts: 78

    I found another preview for Aion in my search for information

    LOS ANGELES--One of the more interesting MMO games shown off at E3 2006 was NCsoft's Aion: The Tower of Eternity. The game is an entirely new high-fantasy MMORPG being developed in Korea, but the developers have noted that the game will be designed and aimed at a worldwide market. The game uses the same Crytek engine that was used in the FPS game Far Cry to produce some extremely colorful and lush environments, full of fully physics-based elements like water, for example, which will slow down characters trying to slog through it. The greenery in the forest and wetlands environments we saw was pretty thick, while player models were adorned in very ornate armor, exhibiting a very Korean or Eastern sensibility in character design. Weather effects are also available in the game, and these can have a real effect on gameplay--using fire-based attacks in a driving rain, for example, won't be as effective, while using water-based attacks in the same type of weather can make those spells even stronger.

    Joohyung Jang, the director of Aion, explained that the game will attempt to differentiate itself in a couple of ways. The principle difference will be in "user-driven storylines." Put simply, the actions that players and groups take in the world will have a lasting and profound effect on the world as a whole (at least, within the server that these actions happen.) You can imagine a group of players taking out a world boss of some sort and that having far-reaching effects on the world and player population of an entire server. Jang also talked about "PvPvE" design. Rather than have entirely separate subsections of the design where players of one faction can group together and do PvE content, or fight against the other faction and thus engage in PvP action, Aion will attempt to have everything seamlessly work together. Players will be able to choose from two factions in the game, angels and demons, while the computer will control a third faction of dragons. If one player faction ever begins to gain control over the other via world combat, the computer-controlled dragon faction will automatically respond by attacking the winning faction as an attempt to rebalance the world.

    So far, four base classes are available in the game--wizards, rangers, warriors, and a healer class that both heals and buffs allies. A total of eight player classes are planned for the final version of the game. Players of both factions will be able to literally, spread their wings and fly from one point of interest to another. As currently implemented, in-game flight goes down strict paths, much like gryphon rides in World of Warcraft. Currently the designers are considering whether or not to allow more freedom of movement while in flight.

    We got a chance to play as a warrior in our hands-on time with the game, and played through a small portion of the game, taking out mobs in a shoreline area with the titular Tower of Eternity visible in the distance. There were a variety of different mobs wandering around the area, though none of the ones we fought seemed to exhibit the advanced artificial intelligence that was described to us during the directed portion of the demo, where some mobs would actively stalk and ambush you. The warrior we tried had a number of different combat skills, including a taunt, a spinning attack that would briefly stun all enemies around the warrior, and some other abilities that could chain off each other for massive damage. One type of strike would open up another melee ability to knock over an enemy, which would then open up a coup-de-grace type move to inflict massive damage on a grounded mob. In this manner we were able to solo multiple enemies of about the same level range.

    Later on in our hands-on session, we came upon a couple of bells near a village of goblins. We tried ringing one bell, which resulted in all the nearby goblins running away from their patrol spots and into nearby huts--maybe it was the dinner bell? This opened up a path to a portal, which abruptly put us inside of a lava cave where we fought a huge demon boss, who we defeated before finishing up the demo.

    Jang mentioned that despite the solo-centric nature of the E3 demo, parties of up to 6 players can be formed, as well as raids of several parties for bigger content. From what we've seen of Aion so far, the game looks promising. NCsoft noted that a closed beta of the game is scheduled for late 2006, with a 2007 release.

    that sounds GREAT to me!!


  • Dudeman7475Dudeman7475 Member Posts: 78

    heres another little something i found that exsplains how the dragons work a little bit.

    In Aion, players are divided between those that are "The Chosen” and those that are “The Fallen.” The Tower of Eternity exists as a gateway into the Abyss, and acts as a portal between dimensions. When a great evil opens the gateways, it awakens the Dragons imprisoned within the Abyss, who seek revenge on both worlds. It is here that an epic conflict begins, as you take your first steps on a journey to bring salvation to the world.

    Aion is the most visually beautiful MMORPG ever made. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between angels, demons and dragons to control the fate of the world. You will evolve Aion's storylines through social, economic and cultural experiences that are both interactive and cinematic.


  • Dudeman7475Dudeman7475 Member Posts: 78

    Ok well here is the main overview of the game from the main wesbite.

    What is Aion?
    Aion is the ultimate MMORPG with strengthened interaction between players. Aion’s world consists of 3 realms - the heavens, the devildom and the dragon realm. Players will experience dynamic communications with the world of Aion as they conduct strategic battles. Aion gives players a new kind of interaction that is ‘every movement of player changes the world, and the changed world affects back the players.’ With this interaction, players will experience ‘The Next Cinema’ in which
    players can make their own stories.
    We change the world and the world changes us
    Interaction between the game and players changes the game environment, and by that, players can get more compensation and new quests. Moreover, player can make new dungeons and create a different world. Every player inside the changed world will enjoy fresh adventures and throughout it, they will make more variations to the world.
    The Ultimate PvPvE MMORPG
    Players will get timeless excitements with the cutthroat RvR’s that take place in the abyss between the heavens and the devildom as well as outpost combats. Aion makes the new era of PvE system with monsters that attack the players in the way you have never seen before and with environments that changes organically. Aion gives PvPvE-able world to the players to create synergy between PvP and PvE. The game also integrates compensation system with emotional flows to make the ultimate PvPvE system.
    See the real fantasy world you have been dreaming of
    Aion maximizes ‘Imaginative Reality’ by using top-class 3D graphics. ‘Imaginative Reality’ does not mean picture-like reality. It means making the players’ imaginative world to reality, which is what Aion is challenging to accomplish.
    MMORPG is a genre that widens your imagination and makes you feel cathartic through various adventures. Especially, the unique styles of strategic combats and realistic action will make the players feel as if they were in the real world.
    Newage meets Aion : Kunihiko Ryu
    Aion’s music jumps over the limit of the previous cinematic and medieval style of background music. Together With Kunihiko Ryu, Aion created the music with oriental spirit and exotic melody that perfectly interweaves with the game and strengthens the game’s beautiful fantasy-style atmosphere. Moreover, as top-class performers from all over the world participated in creating Aion’s music, of which quality is far higher than just ordinary background music.

    thats all that on the main site for Aion. Ill keep posting w.e i find about this game so we can get every bit of information.


  • mrroboto40mrroboto40 Member UncommonPosts: 657
    Originally posted by HappyShit

     So far we know this game is full of bots.


    Necro-bumping should be bannable.


  • tryklontryklon Member UncommonPosts: 1,370
    Originally posted by HappyShit

     So far we know this game is full of bots.


    It is? Enter the game and show us some screens then.

    Oh yeah, you probably didnt even played the game...

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