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Mr.HappyMr.Happy Member CommonPosts: 64

Now I was just thinking... Anyone who plays Runescape can post their USERNAMES here and so people who play (like me) can add you to the friends list.


SIR DUDOT                                  


  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275


    Oh yeah, you already added me lol

    Best MMOs - RuneScape and WoW
    Crappiest MMOs - Hero Online, SWG, DDO
    MMO's played - RS, WoW, GW, EVE, AO, PlanetSide, Jumpgate, Face of Mankind, MapleStory, SO, Liniege 1 & 2, City of Villains, Flyff, Realm Online, SWG, Seed, Sims Online, City of Heroes.

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  • MertezMertez Member Posts: 19
    Oh my goodness people, you guys are blind to all other MMORPGs.

    Mertez Aad

  • JimothyJimothy Member Posts: 3
    Mertez, don't come here flaming RS because you're a noob. That's what all the noobs do. They're like "pmg i liek los mi pixels n now roonskape iz dum!!!!1111"
    You're a moron. :)

    My rs name is Joelly88 (lvl 114) however I don't usually turn my private on.

  • arjun1991arjun1991 Member UncommonPosts: 30

    Hey my username is arjun1991 and im lvl 49 almost 50

    and people who keep putting runescape down are just noobs who dont wanna try hard to get their lvl and all


    always ready to craft my crafting is 43 and mining 47 woodcutting 51


  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member UncommonPosts: 2,117

    Omg those last 3 posts just lowered my IQ and I can't even see anymore!

    Yes, runescape does suck.

  • xIMPxxIMPx Member Posts: 191

    Originally posted by BobCrazyton

    Omg those last 3 posts just lowered my IQ and I can't even see anymore!
    Yes, runescape does suck.

  • MimerMimer Member Posts: 3

    RS is a waste of time, but if you don't take it seriously it can be a nice way to relax, like reading a childrens' comic book. It's not challenging unless you pk or duel for money. Building high levels is incredibly time consuming, and your joints will break down from all the repetitive mouse movements. Don't bother, merchanting of large quanties is the fastest way to wealth.

    Unfortunately I have already played in on and off for 18 months, so its a shame to quit having built a huge fortune - and I can't even sell the account or my stuff on ebay. Even if I could I probably wouldn't, it would be a salary of 30 cents an hour or so.

  • DevDawgDevDawg Member Posts: 11


    ADD ME!!

  • ezycoolezycool Member Posts: 8

    names Ezycool on the game lvl 101 soon to be 102 i have chat on most times but if you beg or get real annoyin i will block you but im a nce guy

    oh and its banned because of payment issues and it really makes me mad ill have it all worked out before long

    my other account is destructos1 add me

  • Thompson663Thompson663 Member Posts: 4

    mines thompson663...although cant log in much because too busy doing other account, sloane str.

    add both of them   thompson is lv72 with full rune, sloane is 38 with rune scim

  • Hitash_LevatHitash_Levat Member Posts: 43
    I have played sence 2001.  I recently quit... time to retire... I think this game was good for what it was... but not a top MMO by any means.  I have a lvl 97 char.  Daemia is the name.  If you happen to see me log in once in a blue moon good job lol.  Ive quit 3 times now.  1 time was for a year and a half.  Theres good things and bad things about this game... one of my biggest problems with it is death penalty and the lack of customer support.   in other games if you can prove something caused you to lose something... glitch or something... you can at least argue the point so you can get it back.  In this... I logged out.  Logged back in and was in fally.  With 3 items... all which were items i got from drops on these creatures... only reason I kept them is the cursed keep 3 "most Valuable" items... Pfft.  The items i lost cost well more than those I kept.  And you know what they said.  You should have kept your password protected.  Im like i logged out for 5 minutes... i takes longer than that for my char to die on what i was fighting. anyway customer support blows on this game... but its still ok for new people or with people with poor quality computers. No offence to you Hardcore RS players.
  • aceisking12aceisking12 Member Posts: 2
    you have no idea how much i aggree on hating noobs that hate it because they cant play........... lvl 66 aceisking12 i might not be lvl 66 it seams i get higher almost every time i get on
  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan AdvocateMember UncommonPosts: 7,188
    I used to play rs until 6 months ago, i now feel soo, soooo liberated from leaving it. Lets just say the day i left i was ranked pretty high. The game started off good back in 2000 but they totally cocked it up. There are just so many better games out there, all you have to do is look!  seriously, if your under 15 then you will love this otherwise leave it well alone. Dont get too drawn into the game, the idea is to be th best you can be, whats the point now when a thousands of people are well ahead of you and always will be. Owned from the start.

  • kreaturekidkreaturekid Member Posts: 1
    hi my name is bendernator1 and im a lvl 65 with full rune and a obby cape also a dragon long as you can see im a P2Per some times i got on F2P world add me if you want im very pleasent maybe we could do castle wars or maybe Barbain Assult
  • meee2meee2 Member Posts: 6
    im a lvl 81 with 1144 toltal lvl and i have -d legs -d bx -d sq shield -rune boots an a d med helm but i have no money im a pure merchent and i love the game ill take any charters that no one wnt plz send ur pass and user name to [email protected] o ya my user name is maxwell55550
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