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Shadowbane question

I remember reading a little while ago that Shadowbane had gotten rid of its monthly fees. Is this still true, under its new management? Does this apply to everyone or only people with existing accounts? I had trouble discerning any information from the website.


  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    Yes Shadowbane is now 100% free.  You can download it from Fileplanet (the 15 day trial is the full client), make an Ubisoft account and play SB for free, no monthy charge.

    Stray Bullet Games is the company thats contracted to keep Shadowbane going, and according to the State of Shadowbane post today, they are going to "Address pressing system issues" first.

    Its not a perfect game, it was developed and designed by former UO players wanting a true fully fledged PvP mmorpg game where players rule the world.  They were not the greatest coders, but they had heart, and the game was born, with a huge following, and a huge letdown on release (due to code issues). Lots of issues have been resolved, but more work is ahead. 

    Its still the best damn pvp game on the market.  No warm blanky to hide under, no village idiots that you cant kill due to non-rpg restrictions.  Its a true role playing game, where you control your own role.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • BlueCoyoteBlueCoyote Member Posts: 244
    Thanks for the information, Zeno. I have played SHadowbane before, with all the expansions. I did like it, and it being free only sweetens the deal.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

    Yea its a very unique game.  If only other developers would make a game based on a rpg aspect (like sb) instead of these "warm blanky" games with non-rpg restrictions that lock you into carebearism. 

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    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

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