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Known Fansite?

KharmedKharmed Member Posts: 101
Those anyone know a fansite currently into Aion I haven't found much using Google I guess it's too early but I might have missed the part.



  • KharmedKharmed Member Posts: 101
    Were on the most anticipated MMORPG chart woooo!


  • L0k1-L0k1- Member Posts: 240

    Originally posted by g33ksTa
    I' am working on it... Hope to have news soon

    Work faster damnit :p i want more !!!
  • DisturbingDisturbing Member Posts: 25
    e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] if your interested in a dedicated crew memeber.  If not i guess i'mma have to just start me own ;)

    Originally posted by g33ksTa
    I' am working on it... Hope to have news soon

  • coolguy98coolguy98 Member Posts: 2

    Is anyone planning to bring out a fansite, that will eventually contain guides about the game and such ?

    I'd like to be apart of one, the only thing i can offer so far is css, php, and mysql knowledge in the area of making a web site.

  • psyopsyo Member Posts: 9

    I can't help to create the fansite since I just have very little knowledge of php / sql, but I'd gladly help to moderate / post news if you need help.

    I've been following NCsoft games since Lineage1, I played so far Lineage1; Lineage2 ( still playing it sometimes ); CoH, CoV, Guild Wars.

    Well, just pm me if someone needs help for a Aion fansite, I've just got 2 posts on this forums but I'm here almost everyday.

  • MarkJWMarkJW ColumnistMember Posts: 226
    Need an Aion fansite to hang out on? Try!

  • Morbius_v1Morbius_v1 Member Posts: 8

    If you're a role-player there's


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