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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    Originally posted by xxxmonkxxx

    Originally posted by BobCrazyton

    Originally posted by xxxmonkxxx

    Originally posted by Cymdai
    4 things that will outsell WoW;

    Starcraft MMO
    WoW II
    Diablo 3
    Warcraft IV

    That's it.

    Oh look, another Blizzard fanboi. Now go play your precious WoW, hah.

    What's wrong with liking blizzards great games? Accually...I'd only Like to see the last 2 and mabey the first one.

    Oh, and Starcraft 2?

    Nothing wrong with liking their games but when somebody says "The only games that will outsell the current most popular MMORPG ever are ALL blizzard games" they sound like a fanboy. don't understand a lot about marketing, do you?
  • KermsKerms Member Posts: 40
    "that it obviously won't work. its a singleplayer game. how does it have a good theme for an MMORPG is beyond me."

    If im right there making a game that is "based" on the myth series, which im pretty sure are just singeplayer games.

  • darktravestydarktravesty Member Posts: 199
    I'd buy it in an instant =D

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