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ahhh total damnation in hell =D

Hey_WankaHey_Wanka Member Posts: 2
ahhh this is one of the worst games i ever set eyes on, i'd rather shoot rubber bands at a wall then play this game


  • samuribladesamuriblade Member Posts: 30
    the game is very bad... coouldn't play it for 5 minutes

  • DanesamuelDanesamuel Member Posts: 3

    I actually enjoy shooting rubber bands at walls...


  • MemenetteMemenette Member Posts: 12
    I thought it was boring. I like roleplaying, but sometimes you get bored just sitting and talking.
  • TyPhoidLuLuTyPhoidLuLu Member Posts: 23

         tried it....... done bored of it in just 5 minutes....

         it`s not worth a download so...don`t waste your time....

  • plutieplutie Member Posts: 19
    Its not ,,,, good ,,,,, its ,,,,,, bad ,,,,,, yummy

    // Plutie ;D

  • xoblivionxxxoblivionxx Member CommonPosts: 77

    This "game" is pathetic. i looked at it once and i never even considered playing it. How can a rating of 5.9 given for this "game" which isn't a game anyway, just a 3d chatroom...the only good thing is the no lag part, but i think its because of the lack of functions in the game lol


  • KerythKeryth Member Posts: 5

    I just downloaded it like 5 minutes ago, and its already removed from my computer its that bad. I swear i dont know how anyone can enjoy a game like that. Its just a freaking chat room! you can do that on any forum site or any irc client!! 


  • CursedseiCursedsei Member Posts: 1,012
    Originally posted by Keryth

    I just downloaded it like 5 minutes ago, and its already removed from my computer its that bad. I swear i dont know how anyone can enjoy a game like that. Its just a freaking chat room! you can do that on any forum site or any irc client!! 


    its not just a chat room, its a chatroom for people who like to pretend they are animals.

    And its not just for people who like to pretend they are animals, but also for people who pretend to be animals to get some Cyborz from another person pretending to be an animal :P

  • KerythKeryth Member Posts: 5

    So in short, its just a big yiff room. That would make sense since near to all of them are in the 16 and up area. Seems like the Furry Fandom disgraced itself upon the creation of this game. Heck the furry fandom disgraced itself in a lot of ways. Just look how much an innocent hobby has gone to hell. LOL


  • kattehuskattehus Member UncommonPosts: 375


    I see nothing but hating on Furc, but it's quite enjoyable. I've spent many hours on chatting.

    Yes, it's labelled as a "game", but is indeed more of a chatroom than anything else. -And depends a lot on the people around. Just because the graphix aren't top of the notch, it doesn't mean it's bad. It may be a chatroom, but it's a "3d" chatroom, with interactive stuff. -If you neglect this because it's not a game as such, and because of the "bad" graphics, why then whine? It's your choice to play or not to play.

    It's not made for the graphics, but for the abillity to be social in another way than irc, forums and other stuff.

    I like it, because I've found people to have interesting conversations with. A big yiffroom for some, maybe, but indeed a place to exchange opinions and views on different matters.

    But fine, whine away.

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  • KerythKeryth Member Posts: 5

    Thats just it though. Thats the game. Chat. They throw you into a poorly designed world and tell you CHAT. Oh cuz its not like i cant talk to other people in every other multiplayer game, great new concept they made, totally original and a great thing to base a game around -_- . Im not whining im stating good reason why that "game" sucks. Yes we all complain about the graphics of the game but come on!!! in todays game world where there are hundreds of open source engines available ya think they coulda upgraded YEARS ago. But noo, gotta keep the worlds worst graphics ever. They could make it better in hundreds of ways, by making it an actual 3-d game with Source comparible graphics, adding better character customization than the crappy stuff they give you now (Like Sims customization style), and better interactivity. I found better interactivity in the physX demo that came with my graphics card. Now onto the way people talk OOH BOY, i try to have a REAL conversation with someone, they just stand there, walk left and right a bit, 10 minutes of me trying to get a single word out of them i get nothing. I have better conversations with people in Team Fortress 2, while im interacting better by shooting huge guns at people and capping the second objective, now THATS called fun. Plus i was a little creeped out by how obviously they subtley overly suggest they they most definately support gay-ness .


    En Masse, Furcadia is a game for anti-social wanna be roleplayer furries who have too much time on their hands (made obvious thanks to overly elaborate character bios) and would rather sit around in a poorly made chat game than upgrade their out-of-date Windows 95 computers and play some real games.


    No Offence intended, its just true.


  • KyryKyry Member Posts: 30

    Actually,Furcadia thrives on the artwork and imagination of its players. It is player run content that makes it what it is.....they don't go true 3-D,because it would then make it impossible for anyone not trained in 3-D to make anything for their dream on the game. Also,Furcadia is NOT a multi-million dollar truth they have one,read it ONE,full-time programmer who does their client updates and fixes bugs and such. The full total of people who work for Dragon's Eye Productions is I think a total of 10 people,who are paid full time employees. What other MMORPG in the entire world has so few employees and money and is still around after 12+ years?? They will never become rich,but they care about Furcadia and the people who play it.

    Furcadia is about imagination,that means you use your imagination to create an enviroment to play in or you play in an enviroment someone else made up. You choose the worlds you play in,you choose the Role-Play. You can choose to Role-Play or you can choose to be a social chatter,it is up to you. But don't generalize about everyone on there being perverts. I have Role-Played on Furc since 2000 and have yet to 'yiff' and be a pervert. Sure,some people only go on there for cybering,but then that is true anywhere,but there are tons that are on there just to Role=Play or chat. It IS a game,you just have to use your imagination for it,instead of creating a character that everyone has like on other MMORPG's. You have to put thought into the character you create,not just choose to be a elven mage with white hair and whose skills are bought or leveled up to by randomly killing things. It is like how table top RPs were,before they invented video games. Imagination must be used,kind of like writing stories,only everyone who is RPing with you is involved,not just you.

    Please do not assume that Role-Playing is what other MMORPG's do,because it isn't....not really. Also,do not assume that chatting or cybering is all that Furcadia is for. 5 minutes is never enough time to decide if you like anything,so learn to give it a try by iving it a full day or so.

    Also,one point here....if the first thing you do when you download and then get on Furcadia for the first time is head to the Main Map of FurN,the adult map....then maybe YOU are the pervert and not everyone else. Because Furcadia is made up of more than just the FurN has at least 12+ other maps that are non-adult maps that are used. Out of those 12+ maps only 2 are adult and out of the 2 adult only one is sexually based. It seems most of ou the minute you got on Furc gravitated to the Adult map of FurN right away,so maybe it is YOU that are perverts. Since you talked about only being on the game for around 5 minutes and the first thing you said was that you saw the adult map....

    I know for a fact that about 1/4th of Furcadia players have never even seen the Adult Map of FurN,let alone spent time in it. Another 1/4th visited there briefly,did not like it and left. Another 1/4th go there on occasion for adult conversation and not cybering and then you have the other 1/4th who appear everywhere on the net whose lives revolve around cybering. It is no different than any other place on the net,MMORPG,Chatroom,Etc.

    Most of those who complain seem to expect Furcadia to be a 'normal' MMORPG of....go out kill the monsters....collect treasure....level to others around the world and brag about your treasure and levels. This is not how it is. Just because its graphics aren't graphic intensive doesn't mean they aren't beautiful. The Artists that play and make the worlds they play in are very,very good....some of it I find is breathtaking,it may not take a huge amount of graphic memory to play but some of the Dreams that people RP in are almost like looking at real forests,deserts,etc....just in miniature. Just because you spend the 5 minutes you spend in Furcadia in FurN,does not mean you learned anything about the community of Furc or the Role-playing aspects of the game at all.

    This is how I classify is a MMORPSG - Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing and Social Game. Learn to use your imagination and give it more than 5 minutes. I don't expect everyone to like Furcadia,there are tons who never liked D&D and other table top role-plauing games.....but I DO expect you to give it more than 5 minutes of playtime,before making up your mind and i also expect you to go to other maps besides the adult one(you perverts).


    It Doesn't Matter Anymore....My Heart has Broken....But I Can Not Die....Oh My Goddess,I Can Not Die....(Song of Grief)(©KE)

  • KerythKeryth Member Posts: 5


    Oh please dude, i dont care how many people  run a worthless game. They have no clue how to make a game appeal to a broader audience. They can obviously go 3-d then explain how to edit characters in 3-d in a simplistic matter. Anyone can do that. Even sauerbraten, a super basic fps, explains better how to make maps for it in-game than furcadia already explains how to customize characters.


    Imagination? I can imagine any damn story anytime while im sleeping! Im not gonna bother writing a imaginary story in some 2-d chat room. Its really pointless to throw you in a game and say Ok, you imagine how you role play, IN YOUR MIND. Thats like putting someone in a first person shooter, but then making it all 2-d, taking away any guns, animations, sound effects, and general appeal, and saying OK, PRETEND THAT YOURE SHOOTING AT THEM. IN YOUR MIND. THATS FUN RIGHT GUYS?? PRETENDING??? Well apparently they producers dont understand the concept of a video game. A video game is meant to bring what you would normally pretend, and allow any thing you can imagine to happen in a virtual world, and allow you to assume the role in that world, instead of pretending it like  some 6  year old child. ANd if you say, well you can assume the world in furcadia, well thats shit, you cant assume the role because you cant actually do anything youre saying, you cant jum p off the walls like a ninja, you cant go rampaging down the streets with a huge gun killing aliens, you just cant.


    Your kind of role play game you try to exemplify in furcadia belongs on forums, in chat rooms, or on irc. It shouldnt kid itself and attempt to believe its a real game. Why? Because a better game is  waiting with a lead pipe t o smack it back down to the bottom of the food chain. Why do you think it never caught on to a more full potential? Because the concept was good, but the world you interact in totally took away all the real potential it could have had and laughs in the faces of the ignorant idiots who still play it. You know why other mmorpgs caught on? Because you do stuff. You dont sit around making a story in your mind and trying to poorly reinact it, YOU ACTUALLY DO SHIT. Like killing monsters and leveling and getting skills, at least it has more of a purpose than making stupid dreams up.


    Please give up your ignorance. Its a real hand basket of Fail.


    (Oh, and PS, im a Furry. Suprise, suprise.)


  • KyryKyry Member Posts: 30

    With 60,000+ players and still growing,it seems they do know how to appeal to a broader audience. Also,3-D is not that easy to do. Explaining it would never help anyone create anything. Most 3-D programs you can't just download,input something and BAM there is a 3-D object. I know this because I am a Graphic Artist. You need to take many classes on just one type of 3-D art program,let alone all of them. Normal people who are NOT Game Designers or Graphic Artists,Etc. can not just wake up and make 3-D stuff. Thus your argument is a fallacy. The people of DEP made Furcadia to be accessible and able to be modified by everyone,not just those who are 3-D Artists and such. This is what makes Furcadia unique. The ability to take everything in your Dream and make it as you wish it to be,not as the Game Designers made it to be.

    Actually you can shoot things and kill things,it is called DragonSpeak,which can be used to program your dream to do practically anything. Like shoot a gun or use magic. They have plenty of animations and other things like that,but I guess you never bothered to enter a dream and see them. Waves crash on beaches,lights turn on and off all from use of things like DragonSpeak,PheonixSpeak and KitterSpeak,but since you spent less than 5 minutes on it,you wouldn't know.

    I prefer role-playing on Furc to playing Diablo 2 or most other MMORPG's,becaue I can use the skills I have to create a world I want and not have to play in a world someone else created that I may not like. In my dream you can level up,through ingenious use of PheonixSpeak and DragonSpeak. You can kill monsters and find treasure,but beyond killing things and collecting treasure is a community. A community of the Members of my Dream who help flesh out the Dream and the stories within it. My People can look as I want them to look,the enviroment around me can look as I wish it to look all it takes is my artistic skills and my programming skills with the tools DEP gave us. I have seen people recreate almost perfectly other games they liked....i.e. DBZ Games,Kingdom Hearts,Etc.....and make it into a Dream with depth and character.

    You are just prejudiced against Furc,because on Furc it isn't all about killing things,leveling up and finding treasure. Also,no other MMORPG can boast the fact that they have been around for 12+ years,that means one thing,Furcadia HAS caught on. The other MMORPG's haven't otherwise they would still be around now. Thus I have one thing to say,You Fail,also do stop calling me dude. One more thing,I am not ignorant,you are in that you refuse to keep an open mind about anything. You feel that you HAVE to be right and dislike being disagreed with,oh well....I disagree with you,so get over it.

    Also,I could care less that you are a furry. I mean,what does you being a furry have to do with anything at all??

    P.S. A lot of the people on Furc,learn programming and such there....they then go on to become the people who create the type of games that YOU like. So if I were you,I would say....THANKS FURC!!


    It Doesn't Matter Anymore....My Heart has Broken....But I Can Not Die....Oh My Goddess,I Can Not Die....(Song of Grief)(©KE)

  • KerythKeryth Member Posts: 5

    First, im a digital artist too, and its actually easier than it looks, literally.

    Second, there are a crap load of open source 3-d engines anyone can use to make a game. And theyre easier to program than youd think. Maybe if they  took the time to actually LEARN THE FUCKING SOURCE CODE then they could accomplish better things. Also given that its not even hard to put 3-d objects into a self made environment, if you know what to do.


    Third, id rather even play Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing than spend my time of furcadia. Nearly all the games ive found, bought, and played are so much better than it its like this= Furcadia is a Game Boy original display screen, everything other game is a 32 inch high definition plasma screen.


    Fourth, id like you to know im a furry to instigate the point that not all furries are idiots who spend their time dreaming about their imaginary fursonas and making up pointless stories for their fursonas, or doing any of the other weird shit all the rest of the furries in the fandom do. Weirdos.


    And last: "Most of those who complain seem to expect Furcadia to be a 'normal' MMORPG of....go out kill the monsters....collect treasure....level to others around the world and brag about your treasure and levels. This is not how it is."

    OH FUN!!! FUN!!! CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT SO I CAN SIT AROUND AND NOT DO SHIT!! Besides, Guild Wars or really any rpg is a better chat room than this one. It's f2p... so any idiot can just download it. Furcadia has no sound, no proper animation, no tutorial or directions, no story line no npcs no proper customization thats simplistic, no anything!! DONT YOU FUCKING GET IT?? Games bring you what you would pretend and create it in a interactive and thriving environment! You cant do that in Furcadia, you can only pretend, imagine it, think about the crap in your mind, WELL THATS PLENTY OF FUN! A game should allow you to do anything visually in front of you. A role play game especially should allow for extreme amounts of interaction visually and vocally, a role play game should allow you to not only create your own story based on the environment your character is set in, but on how you apply your skills and how you use them to ensure you can survive. Thats how you role play, not by telling the story in a home brewed and shit looking square room and hoping noone goes off the story and ends up ruining the role play.



    But seriously why would you rather play that than any of the other super high detailed and incredibally fun games out there?

     And change your font color, cant read anything youre saying.


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