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What will the combat really be like?

AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95

All they have said is "authentic martial arts", but what does that really mean? Can you block punches? Do you actually have to touch your enemy to hit them, or is it more of a "I punch you even if you are standing 5 feet away from me" thing? I don't care if the moves look real, if the fight has both people standing next to each other punching at air and still doing damage, thats about as far from real as you can get. Have they ever released any actual in-game footage of the fighting system?



  • AtheaAthea Member UncommonPosts: 79
    To be honest, I doubt there will be toe-to-toe mellee combat. Only because I havent ever seen an MMO like that. Although I would like to see that in future MMOs :)
  • XsinisterXXsinisterX Member UncommonPosts: 8
    The closest thing ive seen to that is MxO's interlock system which i thought was great.


  • jfk070jfk070 Member UncommonPosts: 13
    due to the general mechanics of net based gaming, it might be hard to ensure that all combat looks realistic. Lag and server load will always play havok on gaming.

    I'm with you however, if they can make range a key factor in combat, i'd be real happy.

    for example some weapons and fighting styles will be good in close (dagger, most hand to hand and grappling based  styles) while for med range pole and sword.... well you get the picture...

    I'm still looking forward to this in a big way.

  • chop_chopchop_chop Member Posts: 11

    from wut i've read range does play a large part but it doesnt involve a bow or nething, the attacks use "chi" (magical inner force) and almost every clan has different ranged chi attacks but, there also might be some other types of ranged attacks if u were 2 venture off looking for them....Neway the controls to move around seem simple enough which include the mouse and a few shortcut keys. Another new thing that makes this game a must play is the ability to edit ur own kung fu so u dont end up fighting with some1 doin the exact same moves.

    P.S. sign up fo beta testing just go to (european website)

  • jfk070jfk070 Member UncommonPosts: 13

    Signed up for the beta many moons ago..

    I actually beta test bots.. it wasn't pretty

  • andreiutzandreiutz Member UncommonPosts: 36
    ugh I hope that it will be a toe-to-toe combat like in RL but wonder get damage like in real life...meaning that if someone hurts u just a  bit with it's weapon in your heart/neck/head for instance you die...and you have to stay in the hospital for couple of minutes/hours or a magician simply revives and heals you...

  • two2litrestwo2litres Member Posts: 50
    how cool would it be if it was like street fighter EX but over the shoulder view, or even tekken but over the shouldder, that would be grand

  • ToadmonkeyToadmonkey Member UncommonPosts: 84
    If we can gouge eyes out,  and hold them over our heads in victory (while screaming my victory growl)..........that may perk my interest in the game.

  •  oh i think this would be like..............u can do the phy attack and magic attak both.....magic would be like,......nuking....from far . I dunno about bows though.....but i wonder, Can we get pts everytime we lvl up and then deliver them to abilities such as str,int,stam,vit, etc.....??? that would take us awhile to figure out which combination is the best.....!!! i hope i build my char right...or else, i can't waste my time starting it all over again.
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331
    For those who wonders what would the combat be like, i have  a few capture combat movies.



    Sacred Flowers

    Heheh, I have the 1024x768 version of those movies but they are huge. I have them on sendspace a while ago, I have to find the urls.

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    Do you have any gai-pan videos as well? I have been wanting to see what their actual combat looks like since I saw that trailer featuring them.
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331
    I don't remember, I have to see what I have.

    Those movies are the auto-attack combat skills, not the special attacks. Your normal attacks look like that :)

  • hokage4thhokage4th Member Posts: 9
    Thachsanh,where did u get these clips?   They are nice but too short   u have anything else a bit longer?
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331

    I captured those clips while playing. The reason for their length is those clips are to demonstrate the wu-gong (kung-fu techniques) in the game. That's why I cut them to only have one technique in each movies.

    If I have time, I will capture some more. Probably some gai-pan for Aikiki

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    Thanks thach . The things I want to see most are the staff attacks and what their regular weaponless moves look like. Also, can gai-pan also use those staffs with the knife on the end, or are they just good with regular poles?
  • DharmadhatuDharmadhatu Member Posts: 4
    Ya, I'm really interested in what the Gai Pan fighting style/staffs look like as well.

    Akiki,I think the staffs your thinking of are the Polearms, the Shaolin weapon.

  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331
    There are long staff and short staff.

    Long staffs are the weapon of Shaolin's monks.

    Gai-pan disciples use short staffs.

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    Speaking of staffs, where do you put it when you aren't using it? Does it strap on to your back or does it disappear into your inventory?
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331
    If you put it back into inv, it will disappear. If you are not in battle mode, your character will hold it in a different way.

  • DharmadhatuDharmadhatu Member Posts: 4
    Any chance of capturing some Shao-Lin moves as well? If its alot of work I completely understand, just asking.

  • nice Thachsanh.....btw, did u see the pokemon video from youtube.....? the pokemon theme music video with 2 idiots and pikachu very funny//// go check it out if u didn't yet.....and Zedain headbutt video
  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    Also thach, could you get some good pictures of what all the clan outfits look like (especially the gai-pan ones)  ? And like Dharmadhatu said, if it's too much work it's OK. 
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331
    I will see to that. Are we allowed to post pictures here? Pictures will be a little easier for me. Capturing video takes some time.

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95

    Originally posted by Thachsanh
    Are we allowed to post pictures here?

    I think so .
  • ThachsanhThachsanh Member Posts: 331

    Let's me try one. This is what a Female luc-lin will looks like.
    Sorry, night time. 1024x768 resolution.

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