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what job are u?

slayeeerslayeeer Member Posts: 6
what job are u? i dont play it, but i want to know ur job.

ow, BTW, whats wrong whit this site


  • volty693volty693 Member Posts: 3
    GhostFighter the best charecter in the all game btw his hardest to lvl up with = / but the warrior the strongest in the game 


  • MiniTwainMiniTwain Member Posts: 4
    i use a Warrior myself...
    i love that fact that a Warrior is very hard for the monsters to kill
    the Warrior is a real life tank and most of the time i only get 1 damage from monsters hit, while others can get 20-30 or more from the same monster

    IMO Warrior RULEZ!!

  • stepha345stepha345 Member Posts: 12
    swordman all the way beacuse they get most of the armour and weps.
  • Rarelove38Rarelove38 Member Posts: 11
    mage rulz!!!!! anyway absolutely although ghost fighter is best!
  • saveit11saveit11 Member Posts: 31

    Are you guys serious? Quit spamming for your game. It's not any good.




    The end.

  • RoxisRoxis Member Posts: 1

    u need to put it on vista so i can paly send link

  • SuperX69XSuperX69X Newbie CommonPosts: 25
    By Job You Mean Character Class? Generally Ghost Fighter Is The Strongest!

    Yeah, The Website Is A Little Dodgy! 
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