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I want to contact the creators

LudovicoLudovico Member Posts: 47

Of that horrible webpage. it over laps itself in a weird paradox. I want to contact the creators of that page, im guessing here english isnt their first langauge, and ask them if they want some help with their engrish.

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  • boommer99boommer99 Member UncommonPosts: 309

    There are sooo many grammarical problems with this game is it amazing.

    That said, it is a LOT of fun.  I really like the advancement system.  It lets you create your very own personalized character just by playing the game.  I became a Ranger by accident.  Its awesome too because that really is what I like playing.  Very intuitive.  I hope they add more classes like that.

    Edited for Grammarical errors... I got owned by grammar.

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  • cyrdaancyrdaan Member Posts: 60
    I agree there are many gramtical errors on their website and in the
    game but I find it to be quite enjoyable, especially for a free game
    that is not near completion yet. There are still many bugs to be worked
    out but still a fun game so far.

  • black_rabitblack_rabit Member Posts: 45
    i got bored from this game in like 1 day, played it about 9 months ago, before it crashed, then quited after crash, and started plaing again yesterday, but allready after 1 day im bored of it, there i just not enough diversity in this game to keep me interested for a longer time. excuse me for using the , so often, its hard for me to use a . :P :P

    and indeed there are a lot of grammatical faults on the site and ingame... (just to stay on-topic :P )

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  • confuzledconfuzled Member Posts: 6
    okay i played this game for about 5 months. You wouldn't believe how horrible it is. So many things wrong with it...I'll list them!

    -No one ever replys in the "Ask a GM" section...still waiting on a reply from October 29, 2006

    -None of the GMs speak English very well, so everyone is confused to hell when they actually GET a reply

    -Their Anti-hack system lasted about half a day on my server

    -The don't do anything to hackers/doupers/etc.

    -They haven't updated in MONTHS

    -They don't back up their data and it crashed...that was a disaster

    -About 3 guilds rule everything in the game

    -Everyone speed hacks boss drops

    Pretty much the whole game SUCKS! I deleted my lvl 53 character and removed the game from my computer.


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