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I really need sumway to make lots of gold but it seems impossible!!!

ImersioNImersioN Member Posts: 53

Im needing a good way to make lots gold and have sum sparring if i run across sumthing i like plz help...

and im glad to make a new thread cuz i c no1's doing it and i kno runescape's a cool game so evry1 step up and start new threads too!!!!                                                     keep runescape ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275


    The key to making money is just about how high your skills are.   Honestly, the best way is WC+Fletching .   And RC sometimes .   It is possible to cut 1k mage logs (1m) a day, and even fletch them and then alch them for loads more. 

    Another way though is fishing and cooking.   Sometimes you can get really tied into doing fishing and cooking, and when you do, eventually you have like 1k of them in your bank which is 250k.

    So literally, give your skills a go

    Hope I helped

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  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441
    runn ess to get enough money then buy logs on free servers, use them on members servers and train your fletching then sell the unstrung bows to the general store for more than the logs cost, repete until you are a high level fletcher
  • carpsycocarpsyco Member Posts: 95
    how much money do you have?
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  • War0nlineWar0nline Member Posts: 10

    Making money is easy its called scamming...

    :P and if you to noob for that than you can atleast merchant


  • when i was on the way i made money was cut yews cut into long bows ext then high alc made about 5k a week that way but if yur i free member i would make ess and sell or mine.
  • danielrs12danielrs12 Member Posts: 3
    U may also fish lobsters and then sell them for 200-250ea on the "doors" of the wildernes
  • knightknifeknightknife Member Posts: 384
    try quitting the game, thats the best way

  • RomokoRomoko Member Posts: 95

    alching is the best, especially if you and a fletcher or WCer. but u just have to find one set of skills that make money and STICK WITH THEM so great combos are.

    Woodcutting and Fletching <------ best

    Fishing and cooking  <------ alright if u are just starting out

    Mining and Smithing <------- very time comsuming, might pay off

    Runecrafting   <------- second best


  • Mr.HappyMr.Happy Member CommonPosts: 64




  • bsa31789bsa31789 Member Posts: 2
    This will sound pretty noobish, but if you like to combat, you can kill chickens for feathers. Feathers only sell for 5-10ea, but they are stackable, so you never have to go to the bank and back. Also, you can increase your prayer by burying the bones and increase your cooking if you cook the chicken.

  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441
    ya chickens are a good way to start off
    one of the better ways i made money when i was F2P was to kill giants and sell their bones because they sold for a lot because of how hard prayer is to level.  If i remember right it was like 100-200 a bone
  • bsa31789bsa31789 Member Posts: 2
    ya big bones is another good way to make money. if you have many you can actually sell them for 300ea. but if you have money already, you can buy full rune for 180k and sell for 200k, it might take a little bit longer to make money, but at least your not waiting for your character to mine coal or chop down a yew.

  • TheDrizztTheDrizzt Member Posts: 18
    I agree with the frst response on having high skills,as having high woodcut+flethcing+runecraft is the best skill triangle. If u want to raise is using combat kill green drags.The are low level, fairly close, to bank and both of their 100% drops are worth a lot, thers also a chance of getting a drag sqaure left half or a level three clue. Another good combat way is either pking,which i dont favor, and barows wich is very easy with mage and the rewards are worth it. And basically,if u dont have high skills or high combat then ur screwed and should raise both.
  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160

    heres a simple guide on making money, when u make your new account go a little west of varrok bank, take out ur axe and equip it as ur wep, and bring ur tinderbox with u( ur not gonna make much money selling logs and oak logs) so every time u get a full inventory just burn them, fire making will come useful in later times(for members that is)  once u get ur wc to 30(ur firemaking will always be higher than ur wc if u always burn the logs) go directly south after u get off the bridge that leads to bb village (barbarian village) and keep going south until u get to maple tree's just keep cutting and burning until ur wc is lvl 45.  u should still be lvl 3 by now, so next thing u do is put ur axe and tinderbox in the bank, and do the rune mystery's quest. then get ur runecraftin up so u can make laws.  then get ur mage up until u can use high level alchemy.  then become a member and get your fletching up.  enjoy ^^

    *note this procces is very boring, if u wanna have fun u can work on this procces every now and then, if u wanna be a pure pker than do this procces once ur about lvl 65, when you'll prbly need maging

  • davidnidavidni Member Posts: 2
    lol i think gold is to hard to earn , and i have to spend money to buy some.

  • xIMPxxIMPx Member Posts: 191
    You could try not playing this horrible excuse for game and doing something construtive with your time?  Seriously if you play this game and enjoy it you have to be slow. 

  • samuribladesamuriblade Member Posts: 30


    cut magics there 1k ea...(takes about 30mins for 28 logs...)
    Or fletch yew longs...

  • swimjoint92swimjoint92 Member Posts: 11

    great way to earn money is to pick flax in seers villiage (takes about 45 sec for full load) run back and bank and then reapeat this then sell each for 100 gp.  or spin the flax into bow strings and sell for 150-200gp!! full load 100 bs=20k! 1000 bs=200k!! (only need 10 crafting to spin flax and no stats at all to pick the flax)

  • cartoonboycartoonboy Member Posts: 11
    Pick flax in the flax feild just south of Seers Village and sell them for 100gp each. This requires no skill at all. You can get up to at least 2 million a week!
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