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truth about Irth's development? http://ganked.com/

blackmooreblackmoore Member Posts: 26

I got banned from the official forums for posting this message and editing it after it was moderated by the cm:

I have been following this game for quite some time, hopping it could one day replace Ultima Online. But I came around this strange page while on mmorpg.com's Irth rating: http://ganked.com/

It seems to explain what happened at magic hat since its creation, and it's not nice to read...I'd like to know what everyone here think about it? is this website all lies? I would also like Damian to explain his version of the story if possible...

(hopping this webpage is wrong and this dont start a forum war)

edit: while searching google on this issue I came across a thread from the peoples of runUO (biggest Ultima Online Emulator project I think), they don't seem to like the peoples at magic hat at all: http://www.runuo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61265

Ok perhaps making an edit after the cm warned me and deleted my links was stupid, but i still strongly encourage anyone interested in this game to check these two links first...


  • WolfinessWolfiness Member Posts: 41
    turely modem day version of the shakespears play, of betrayal, greed and love.... i mean not love lol. its about the developers which has been betrayed and left out.

    Im sure the game started out with a group of friends who had dreams and high expectations, then shattered through the real harsh corpral world, we can all learn a lesson.

    What remains is now a shell of what first planned successor of Ultima Online, only a handful of players left, and half of them are related to the game company, game population are mostly slim to zero, even the offical forum has seen better days in activity.

    I heard the game servers have now been moved to a private hosting company for budget reasons, so i suppose it will soon fade from online community and die quitetly.

  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic Member UncommonPosts: 761

    so what you should know ur get ban for post carp like that u don't even know if ture or not u got ban for trolling

  • sethanonsethanon Member Posts: 46

    He sure does make me wonder his motives.

    Goes to Irth Online. Never has posted ever before, and first post is about ganked.com.

    Admin comes in and removes the link and warns him.

    So he goes in and trys to be deceptive and place links in the thread instead by linking the words post and thread in his post at Irth, thinking people to dumb to realize he did it.

    Gets banned.

    Comes here and whoa, wow, puts the same thing in the rating here and then Irth forums here.


    How do I know what all you did at Irth? Because I am the one that reported your ass there for your original post and then reported it when you tried to be sneaky, like anyone wouldn't notice what you did...

    I believe there should be 2 sides of every issue. Here is Damians response to ganked. http://www.gankedlies.com/

    The lawyers from MHS made this statement. http://www.irthworlds.com/news_copyright_11172005.aspx

    I don't know what really happened with the 2 parties, but that is really the point. I don't know. Neither do you. All I know is it is in the past, who cares now, let us move on and drop it. Does no one any good to keep rehashing same old crap.

  • gallopusgallopus Member Posts: 5

    That's some interesting background story.  A bunch of friends get together to build a game for fun.  Then two of them get greedy and maneuver the other two out.

    That should be the theme of their game.  Quests would include sucking your friends dry.  Combat would allow stabbing in the back.  Full looting, etc.  That would make this game more appealing and it might even save the game from going belly up.  Cuz, as of now, it's pretty bad.  There can't be more than 100 people playing this game, and that's being optimistic.

  • leelance01leelance01 Member Posts: 9
    Oh wow, am I glad I found these posts. I'm not gonna go by any of the websites, however, I can't play a game that has that much internal troubles. A game company that can't even please it's own employee's most likely will not be able to listen and please it's paying customers. I just stopped the downloading process of the trial game because I don't think it's gonna be worth my time and money to play this game. This is just my opinion.

  • kornmasterkornmaster Member Posts: 11
    Its actually a pretty fun game, low population yes but those that are there are very helpful.  Its the kind of game that you can log in and do anything.  Very open with a lot of skills.

    It still needs work and its future is questionable, but its worth a free trial download.

  • gallopusgallopus Member Posts: 5

    Tried out their free trial and found out first hand why this game is rated so low.  It is extremely boring.  It's about as much fun as peeling potatoes.

    This game isn't even completely working yet.  They've released it last year and there are major bugs all over the game.  NPCs are running in place.  Animals don't walk, they slide around like they have skates on.  You can walk thru horses.  The game hangs and crashes.  The programmers obviously don't know what they're doing, since these major bugs still exist many months after the release date.  Every game has a few insignificant bugs, but these bugs make this game almost unplayable.

    These devs cheated their former partners then criticized them for being half-assed programmers.  Well from the looks of this game, these devs must be quarter-assed programmers.

  • AntheaPLAntheaPL Member Posts: 3

    I agree. I applied for the free trial just to check it out. It took 2 weeks to get my key. Once I got it the download of patches took well over 4 hours of stopping and restarting. Once installed it didn't even place any icons on desktop or put a category in my programs menu - I literally had to create my own after fishing for the .exe file.

    When I got in the text was hard to read and very small - the graphics are ok - but the character design is poor. Out of the 4 "lands" the 4 races all look the same in each of the lands, except for a few colour differences and/or  markings here and there. The hair of the characters goes through the faces and the neck depending on the style, and doesn't even fit the model right. Not to mention the clothes you get when you first start - it looked like my female elf was wearing the undies of an 1800 victorian era woman, i.e. bloomers fringed with lace? Good grief.

    Once you get in your character doesn't walk right.It's the very first thing you notice. Something not quite there with the timing of the walk cycle vs. the distance moved over the ground. It feels odd. Animals are running in 1 spot and NPC are aswell. The music wasn't bad for the first couple of minutes but the loud pounding drum music kept repeating and repeating - and I couldn't find a way to turn it off except just turn my PC sound off. If there is a way to control sound - I could not easily find it.

    To be honest it took me all but 5 minutes of running around before getting seriously bored. Between the treadmill NPCs, the wierd running of my avatar and the repetative pounding of the music, I got a pretty bad headache. And that was enough for me....

    Now I am trying to get Irth online OFF my computer - it's not in the Add/Remove program list so i had to go into the computer directory and find it to delete it - only to be told that there are still files in use. *sigh*

    In my personal opinion - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

  • KaibyakuKaibyaku Member Posts: 65
    And so, another mmo is dead.


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