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Im the firrrrst

GrimCreepGrimCreep Member Posts: 121
Ok so I was just checking this out and don't look like much is goin on here. Is the same as over a year ago when i looked the first time.

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  • ZixionZixion Member Posts: 15

    hehe, you just had to be first poster, right?

    Well then I'm the second!

  • TriMoonTriMoon Member Posts: 54

    Any progress yet on this game?
    Or has it become abondonware?

    Well thats all for now, 3M

  • deadsun7deadsun7 Member Posts: 112
    This game is going down the crapper and FAST!! nobody and i mean NOBODY is willing to toss cash to try a game thats still in beta testing BAD MOVE on the part of the company who released ths game. The only games that should be free are the ones that are worth it such as WOW or Dark Ages of Camelot i've tried both of them and know they are worth paying for. This game on the other hand by the look of it is not worth a single penny. its like someone bottleing their urine then trying to selling 1000 bottles of it... yes there will be the occasionall drug addict that will buy a bottle of urine... but other than that its not going to be successful if you understand what im getting at

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