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  • Squally09Squally09 Member Posts: 3

    i have been playing this game since it started and all the games i see you people play i have tried none can stand up to the amount of fun i have had on Deicide, this game not only has some of the best graphics and pvp system for a free game it is not impossible to lvl up and its just a good game so stop your complaining already.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    best graphics and best pvp...what are you smoking (share pls)

    i played this game for a few days, no quests, crummy graphics, terrible gameplay mechanics (read about it in the other thread its really true about getting hit by a mob when your very far from it)

    how can pvp be "best for a free game" when game mechanics are crap?

  • wizardsleevewizardsleeve Member Posts: 46

    anyone notice the name? deicide is like homicide, except killing a deity, which is a god.

    deicide is a band too. anyway, that's why this game interested me, it looks like it blows though!

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