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ArtemizArtemiz Member Posts: 58
As the first person to post in this forum I would like to say this game isnt that great.



  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160

    Originally posted by Artemiz
    As the first person to post in this forum I would like to say this game isnt that great.

    shut up, it's still in development, it has a long way to go, so who knows, it may be the next WoW or EVE. besides you probably didnt even give it a chance, like i am going to just because you stated that.
  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Member Posts: 1,164

    Originally posted by dafuzzle
    shut up, it's still in development, it has a long way to go, so who knows, it may be the next WoW or EVE. besides you probably didnt even give it a chance, like i am going to just because you stated that.

    And don't forget that it's also being developed by the same company that brought us the blockbuster titles Oz World (4.9 rating on as of this moment) and Thang Online (6.3 rating.) Hooray? I meant lackluster...

    IMO, of course.

  • HybbanHybban Member Posts: 12
    I have to admit that for now this game plays like many corean games... The only good point  for now is that you gain level in the weapon you use (magic, range, melee) and it brings 16 classes... But it is really only a beta for now, so wait and see. But they have to perform a great deal of develoment in terms of interface (just a copy of a dozen of games) content (the monsters are no way original in the begining) and items... It seems to me just another clone of games I didn't care to remember their names...!
  • jawjawjawjaw Member Posts: 9

    i dont like the half exp at all ...

  • Oprah2Oprah2 Member Posts: 118

    Its Korean not corean get your spelling straight

  • HybbanHybban Member Posts: 12

    Poor you, I mispelled Korean. I'm french and I make the best efforts to write english. But in french, the country in spelled 'Corée'. But I take no offense in your nicely expressed correction. You couldn't know...

    By the way, keep in mind that this isn't a grammar forum, but one about mmorpg and specifically here 'deicide online'. Do you have some pertinent information you want to share about this game?

    See you!

  • ArtemizArtemiz Member Posts: 58
    I didnt give this game a chance? I still play it every now and then. I find the exp rate to be way to low compared to the level cap of 400 or however high it is. Open beta has been open for like 10 days and the game is already ruined by botters who are so far ahead of everyone else its not even funny. I seriously do not like the 1 new spell every five levels, especially with the super slow exp. All you do in the game is use one spell over and over till the monster is dead. I dont need to be reminded that it is still in beta. Ive played quite a few Korean games and they dont change much over time. The few changes that do come take awhile. Oh and Korean betas seem to last forever. 

  • HybbanHybban Member Posts: 12
    I quite agree with you Artemiz. On many points. The Korean games are all much alike and the only thing that change in this one is the leveling which differs byt he fact that you have 4 leveling. And other games proposes multiclassing (ryzom, FFXI for exemple...)
  • jawjawjawjaw Member Posts: 9
    i  compleatly agree wit Artemiz cus it pisses me off to b lvl 24 white mage (1 chr   and another that has 0 range and 13 close and i cant lvl any more and it pisses me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GrimorgaraGrimorgara Member Posts: 1

    Tried it and I would have to agree...... This Game Is A WASTE Of Time!!!

    ::::13::Why is it bad?
    The attack system sucks!

    I have a little bit better games to try out than one with a poor attack system like this one. It takes too long to kill a single monster.

  • StalinfalconStalinfalcon Member Posts: 77

    Oprah2: Just to emphasise what Hybban already told you: 'Corean' is also how, erm, 'Koreans', spell that word. It isn't 'just a French thing'.

    Hybban: FFXI is a Japanese game and having played it for 2 years prior to playing any Corean games, I can honestly say that it should never be used as an example in the same sentence with one. It is tremendously different in playstyle, interface, control, and plot development. :)

  • DenatirDenatir Member Posts: 2

    Blah. Well, that sums it up. I played this game from day one, until the "exp drop". FYI: they dropped the exp rates to 1/2 of what they were during the 1st few weeks of the game. I don't expect to get 5-10 levels a day, but wow, what a drop in exp. It's an ok game, but not great and I uninstalled after the drop in exp rates. Maybe they'll improve the game in the future, but right now.... don't bother.

    Happy Hunting,


  • DeathribDeathrib Member Posts: 3
    OK, this is my take on Deicide Online.

    I currently have a lvl 52 hybrid archer (used to be an assassin), with 10 points in Close and 42 in Range. I've been playing the game for roughly a month, and this is my prognosis:

    The game is supposedly still in Beta, even though it was supposed to be finalised 7/15. None of the quests have been implemented, and at this point, the game is a neverending grind for experience. The experience is terrible, especially after level 51, where it drops to an abominable level. The forum has moderators, but they are not posted in the most important and most used part of the forum: General Discussion. In-game, there is no moderation whatsoever, and there has been evidence of plenty of hacking and botting (this has resulted in the chastisement of some of the players using it.) Due to the fact that there is no auto-attack for mages, training them can be fairly miserable (I'm going by what I have been told by friends who train their mages and by what I read in the forums). Through the various updates that have occured in the last month, drop rates have declined to almost nothing, items dropped for the level that you fight at are mostly garbage that you can only sell to NPC's, and instead of listening to the complaints of players they implemented the Cash Shop The Cash Shop is where you can, after spending real money, you can buy 'premium items'. These include experience boosters which vary with the time alotted for each boost (10, 20, and 30 hour). The rest of the items have questionable value. Many complaints were raised involving the implementation of the Cash Shop, as opposed to addressing issues that were deemed far more important to the players; the lifeblood of any MMORPG. On the same sour note, there is the 'G/E' system which pertains to the PvP system. The inner workings of the system are vague, and basically speaking, if you PK another player, you lose G/E points. If you lose enough of them, you become unable to use the 'warehouse' (effectively, the bank) and you can't use NPC's either (used for buying mana and health pots, among other things).

    On a brighter note, the graphics are commendable for a free online game. There has been some complaint over the lack of programmable movement options (such as W A S D), but the general movement is fluid (this aside from climbing hills that you are facing, which presents a bit of a quandry having to click multiple times to move). There is a whole range of skills, especially for the mages. Some of the skills are fairly useless, but players learn which are best during gameplay (ALOT of work needs to be done in tweaking these skills to make them more useful to players; again, the game is still purportedly in Beta). The horseriding makes for an excellent way to get around, although attacking from horses is limited to basic attacks, and forbidden to magic users altogether. Another innovative idea was the addition of 'Barter Square'. Though it is not unique to this game, it serves as an effective 'market' area. Here, when done with the action of the game (or even if you want to sit and watch your items sell), you can set up a 'Usershop' which enables the player to set prices to what they want to sell, and leave the game running. Players hit the trade function after selecting your character, and see the items you have and their respective prices. They can purchase the items even with the player away from the computer. This can also be done outside of Barter Square; in fact, a usershop can be set up anywhere in the game. Also of note, is the 'Infinite War' system. Although mods and players alike are a little baffled at the vagueness of it all, this is something that adds an interesting element to the game. Successful clans take a 'castle' and are able to impose taxes (the funds going to the guild members, especially the guild Master and Vice Master). I have witnessed one such successful war, and it was a nice break from the usual level grinding. I believe that once they have all the pieces in place for this system, the game will revert to guilds fighting over territories and making the PvP action quintessential to the game.

    That is all I'm going to say for now: sorry for the long read. If anyone needs some more information, I can try to provide it. Oh, and BTW, I am one of the forum moderators to the game, so this was written in the most unbiased fashion possible.

    Una salus victus nullem sperare salutem...

    Those who know they are doomed don't fret after their own safety

  • StalinfalconStalinfalcon Member Posts: 77

    Good show on making level 5X in Deicide death ^^ I have only dabbled in that game but I can honestly say that even at not-quite-level-10, mage rearing has been horribly tedious and moreso after the exp nerf. Unlike you and many others, I basically washed out of this game. I could never find a decent mob to exp off of by the time I was 8, the starter area mobs were a waste of time and the map 2 mobs were too overpowered. Game needs some serious tweaking to play balance.

    I just logged off of my first experience with RanOnline, and I have to say these horrible drop rates are not a Deicide-only phenomenon.  RanOnline is massively disparate between the drops and the costs of basic lowbie gear. It's kinda hard to train a character when you can never buy the appropriate armour for defence at level. Burnt out now wearing L1 kit trying to exp at L10.

    I understand the point of Cash Shops and personally have no issue whatsoever with them -- AT GAME LAUNCH. Cash Shops are the last thing a game needs to be worrying over in closed or open beta. On the other hand, however, during Beta while there is no Cash Shop yet, Cash Shop items need to be readily available for purchase from NPC or as common drops during beta. Some people complain that removing items from NPC/drops and placing them in CSes after Open Beta ends and the game goes live is bait-and-switching, I beg to differ. Last Chaos has a seriously broken upgrade-system and the economy is going out the door because Heaven Stones (which are the equivalent of Polishing Stones in a diffferent game), which grant virtually breakage-risk-free upgrading are a rare commodity and are very obviously a Cash Shop item. If *every* tester can't experience the totality of the game's design then what's the point of testing to begin with? Let the cutthroat economy typical of MMOs commence after the game goes live.

    As for Player Shops... I am on a personal crusade, a one man rebellion, AGAINST this idiocy. Player shops are NOT an innovation. They are an ABOMINATION festering every Korean MMO out there. Auction houses. Auction houses. Auction houses. If you don't want to code an AH system, then for damn-sake MAKE THOSE PLAYER MARKETS MOBILE. I am convinced I am NOT the only one out here in MMO-land that is UNABLE to go afk and remain jacked into a game for all hours of the week. When I AM jacked into the game, the LAST thing I am interested in doing is staring at the screen, letting my life stagnate while I watch my STATIC Player Shop STAGNATE all day. I play KMMOs to PLAY GAMES, not to set up a lemonade stand and twiddle my thumbs for the next 4 hours. Final Fantasy 11 (yes I know it isn't a KMMO but the point is to be made) has Player Shops. They are called 'bazaars'. They MOVE WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO. You can LEVEL or QUEST or EXPLORE while the Personal Shop is turned on. This 'innovation' you speak of is an ANACHRONISM which I am still uncertain as to the 'why' of it. I used to think it had some kind of relation to the Internet Cafe net access model in Asia. If people want to sell their wares on-line, or do any kind of resource gathering, what could be better for an hourly-fee net access centre than to make all these time-consuming afk-activities. I've mentioned this several times in various forums and usually end up with the 'If you don't like it then don't play it' response. Well, if you don't like wearing Burkhas then move out of Afghanistan, right? If you don't like your neighbourhood being bombed then move out of Southern Lebanon, right? If you don't like the One-Child-per-Family law then don't get born Chinese right? If you don't like paying over $3 a gallon for petrol in the US right now (surely soon to be $4) then go take a train right? Coz, you know, America has such~ an extensive and intricate train system eh? Point being, if you don't like to pay the freight than don't drive the car. Or move to Canada, eh?

    But, omg, change the system, modernise it? Never!

  • HybbanHybban Member Posts: 12

    Nice post, in every kind of way :)

    It's sure that Deicide proposes no improvement on existing games and offers poor performance on what exists. This game has no good point for it. If you should try a relly good KMMO (except for player shops...) try Cabal Online!

  • 22nghondrada22nghondrada Member Posts: 1

    IM LEVEL 76 in deicide rank4  PURE ARCHER but i decided to stop playing, cause lots of cheater playing. even though i reported it,there were still no action, the game started to get bored now! no new maps, no new updates,

  • HybbanHybban Member Posts: 12
    I'm quite amazed that someone can play up to level 76 at this game, when you can find so many better free KMMO to play...
  • JonosDaManJonosDaMan Member Posts: 7
     The game now has got alot better it has fixed most of the bugs and is offering rewards for players who find new bugs, also they have made a Ask A Gm section in which you can say about anything and they will reply to you no matter what but it is still in testing but it has always worked for me. Good game in general exept a few spelling errors and a few botters but they have been suspended for now. The community has began to warm up but the recent update completely destroyed most of it they did something wrong and deleted game date until 27th August which obviously alot of meembers have walked out on but it is still a good game.

    Jonos Da Man
    MMORPG Addict.

  • mmorpg23mmorpg23 Member Posts: 34

    It's still in beta testing, give it a chance! You haven't played it yet! All you did was probably look at the reviews.




    Finally, done with the wall of smilies!


  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32

    i just made it to rank 4 level 75 when there was a problem with the vail server ,i logged on and almost had a fit seeing my char was level 37 lost all my items that didn`t drop at the time even made myself a warriors long bow + 9 and  a +10 dark elf bow after loseing so many items upgradeing.the only good thing that came out of the rollback the gms give me 253k cash shop money and you can get 4.5mill in game for only 6k  spent 10 pounds on this game not sure if it was a mistake buy the gms or they where trying to keep ppl happy but i give it all away and quit nothing changed with this game after a year of playing apart from ppl not being able to steal your drops anyone that says this game is being developed is talking crap, not many skills and to much grind pvp is poor they can just jump on there horses and run at the high levels there where hackers all over the place even the hackers would spread lies about other honest ppl cheating f**king communists only thing that kept me playing was the strong mature guild i was in.

  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32
    oi a game with pvp and you can teleport bad idea bad game
  • FatamorganaFatamorgana Member Posts: 110

    I downloaded this sometime ago played it a while,didn't impress me.Now months later i logged in again and for my surprise i enjoyed my time because i actually played and talk with someone,it made forget the bad things and play.
    Maybe thiss isn't so bad game after all


  • cityoftroycityoftroy Member Posts: 43
    i have play this game its good and bad good becuase u earn money and a items really easy but bad cuz hard to lvl up hard to gain skills hard game low ppl so i have rate it :6.0 and dont forget its bad andsucks music wtf!
  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Member UncommonPosts: 45
    Originally posted by Artemiz

    As the first person to post in this forum I would like to say this game isnt that great.

    one year on... this comment is very appropriate. it has gone downhill since this person has tried it, and this is coming from someone who was a big supporter of it (KiaoRayne)

  • TheHelperTheHelper Member Posts: 108

    The game sucked. Period.

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