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The most unbalanced game ever



  • FaituFaitu Member Posts: 90

    ^Well, it is true. I used to have a Monk, and I wasn't exactly a priority in parties. And pure monks don't get many benefits as well. I was going to become one, but as I noticed, by talking to some of them, pure monks simply were not worth it. Actually monks were one of the toughest, if not the toughest (in the leveling sense) path in the game, simply because you can barely solo anything, it's pretty hard to find parties and you have (yes, I know you don't actually have to do it, but it is almost an obligation for any monk) to find lower-leveled monks to teach dugons. Most monks sub to Rogue or Warrior paths, which are the ones from which you can get the most benefits. I do think that they should redesign the subbing/mastering system in a way to balance the classes, and giving more benefits to non-popular paths.


    Well, trust me, you won't want to see how the game is like now. Like they said, 80% of the population is made of Masters. New players have a pretty hard time finding parties and actually socializing at all. To make it worse, you don't really need a tutor to choose a class anymore, so this widens the void between new players and veterans. Not to mention that roleplaying now is scarce, most people are playing this game simply for the action of hacking/slashing, it's simply losing its roleplaying essence and the inheritance left by David Ethan Kennerly.

  • HolyKnightsHolyKnights Member CommonPosts: 6
    "banished from mileth for saying south park without brackets" loLOLOLOLOL. yep, i remember those days. I also remember a corrupt mileth gaurd, who was the biggest heretic i'd ever seen, called 'dour' who later by some miracle became the leader of Kos guild.... this guy would in green uniform drop F bombs like there was no tomorrow. the political system was always a joke and a half. 

  • HolyKnightsHolyKnights Member CommonPosts: 6
    storm, do you remember that jackass mileth gaurd? lol
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,973
    I actually like some games that aren't balanced.  If you want to play casual pick a class that rips through everything, if you want a tough game, pick a class that is extremely difficult to play.  A balanced game means cookie cutter classes.

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,654
    storm, do you remember that jackass mileth gaurd? lol
    Will be interesting to see if he replies, as he posted that 10 years ago.


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