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Infinite Korean beta games

InitialDOAInitialDOA Member Posts: 99

Is it true that alot of these games that are so similar are based on stolen software used to create Lineage 2 or another game?

Its obvious that ALOT of these games are identical in gameplay, interface, and only have small differences. I wont name examples unless I must.


  • AlpiusAlpius Member UncommonPosts: 218
    ya know what it wouldnt suprise me, i play at least 20 different 'korean' made games and most of the time i get confused and mixed up as to which is which. almost all fo them use the exact same template with very similar storylines and everything, usually just a slightly different theme and diff graphics.
  • tomxbombtomxbomb Member Posts: 3

    Or maybe the Koreans are just that tight?

    "Hey, can we borrow your interface from Lineage II?"
    "Oh hell, sure! We're all buddy buddy!"
    "Sweet deal, man!"
    "Go Korea!"
    "The World Cup is ours!"

    *Shrug* Or it could just be how Koreans like it.

  • InitialDOAInitialDOA Member Posts: 99

    I could have sworn someone mentioned this at this site, maybe its just myth.

    I think id respect the games more knowing the software was stolen instead of actually believing its the company's attempt to make an enjoyable mmorpg, and make a profit.

  • optimalprimeoptimalprime Member Posts: 4
    Well, it makes sense that the Koreans would try to make their games alike. I mean... if you look at Korea now, their gaming industry is skyrocketing. Some of the most dedicated and hard-core gamers play there mostly because of the gaming style and interface. Korean games require a lot of grinding so they can weed out the impatient undedicated players. Only the best can reach max level. And once they do, they become great and have fun. Since that's the style that Koreans love, it's only natural for the gaming companies to cater to that style. Sure, a lot of the games might look alike, but that's because it works. Why spend energy trying to make a new innovative look when the current one is still quite successful? Eventually, though, they're gonna have to think of something new, but for now... don't expect anything too revolutionary. 

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