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Just saw this.....kinda interesting

royceroyce Member Posts: 2

I was browsing around a bit and ran across this.  Guess there are some changes coming.



  • HaruhiHaruhi Member Posts: 6

    PVP is good.  I think it makes game more fun.  I signed up for beta, hopefully I will get the key.

  • royceroyce Member Posts: 2

    I thought the same thing.  PvP is a real need for me in a MMO. 

  • nubbinsnubbins Member Posts: 245
    so they finally realized that people like to fight with other people and not with mindless entites consisting of vertices and pixels whose only motivation to fight is by predetermined scripted actions ?

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  • Billius8Billius8 Member Posts: 574

    Originally posted by nubbins
    so they finally realized that people like to fight with other people and not with mindless entites consisting of vertices and pixels whose only motivation to fight is by predetermined scripted actions ?

    No, some people like that.  Others don't. 

    Two basic groups of MMORPG gamers:

    1)  Community types who like High Fantasy and see the game as an extension of a big chat room.

    2)  FPS-addicts who see online gaming as competitive.

    I've played both and never really like PvP, even when I was the one kicking butt.  I do, however, like occasionally griefing someone in a PvE game, like pulling a train in EQ1.  Go figure.

  • kay226kay226 Member Posts: 17
    I'm with you Billius8 i never liked pvp and im only posting here because i think we should start trying to make our voice heard so developers dont get the idea everybody likes and wants pvp. Ever heard of a game named Saga of Ryzom? the game all but died after the developers in their infinite wisdom decided to implement pvp, only problem was the game audience was mostly against pvp so they quit the game. I played the RF online trial and was quite pleased with the game until i realised that soon as i get out of the starter area it was all about pvp, so i quit. PVP is NOT for everyone.

  • DrowNobleDrowNoble Member Posts: 1,296

    PvP can easily make or break a game.  It depends on the game itself and the people who play it.

    EQ1 was never really a pvp game.  The first servers to be consolidated when subscribers started declining were the pvp servers.

    EQ2 could of had some pvp potential of Qeynos vs Freeport, but SOE never bothered to develop that and went back to the old EQ1 model of leveling grinding.

    WoW and DAoC both are pvp oriented games.  Yet they also allow non pvpers to play, have fun and advance.  Neither game "forces" you to pvp if you don't want to.

    EVE Online is graphically beautiful and a nice change of pace from a sword & sorcery MMOG, but the hardcore pvp aspect I'm sure has kept its subscriber numbers much lower than they could be.

    If LOTRO is going to be successful I would say they should do a pvp model similar to WoW or DAoC.  Have a pvp gank-fest server for those people that want 24/7 pvp action.  Have a restricted "casual" pvp server for the rest of the players.  What people have to remember, both developers and players alike, is that not everyone enjoys pvp.  Getting "wtf pwned" at level 1 by a level 20 is a sure way to lose a subscriber, who will then tell all his friends not to play.

  • kay226kay226 Member Posts: 17

    For a lot of players, forcing pvp in a game is a reason to quit the game, pvp should be optional, there are players who feel pvp is the way to go, others who, like me, hate pvp. Its a matter of taste and theres more pvp games out there than pure pve games, so i dont know why pvp lovers always complain, theres a lot of games out there for them. Everquest started as a pve game, enjoyed huge success so i see no reason why they should make it a pvp game. But i think this topic itself is very important because there are a majority of pvp lovers but also quite an important minority of pvp haters, and i see more and more companies getting on the pvp bandwagon and im afraid pve gonna be abandoned. If pve players would be more vocal maybe that wont happen. But much as i hate to admit it i think you are right, pvp can make or break a game because theres simply more pvp gamers than pve.

  • FrankBuckFrankBuck Member Posts: 19
    PvP will always influence PvE. There is simply no way to avoid. To be able to deliver exciting PvP action, you need balanced classes that can fight each other without one class outruling the others.

    A pure PvE game can concentrate on making interesting classes with fun and very different skills/actions. As soon as PvP is introduced, a lot of that diversity is bound to go away in the holy name of class balancing.
    If happened with EQ2 and I am pretty sure it will happen with this game as well.

    I feel they have made a bad decision, but sadly it is a decision most game-companies make. They want both the PvE and the PvP fans, which means they fall between two chairs and do both parts halfway. Make a game fully PvP or fully PvE, not this mixture that every game company seems to like (but most gamers seem to dislike).

  • naldricnaldric Member UncommonPosts: 909
    Well Trubine needs desperatly LOTR to be successful, so they will put pvp to get more ppl to play it, since it's always one more feature... i dont think they will do a DDO mystake again... some companies actually seem to learn
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