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Client sort in Game List table

skybugskybug Member Posts: 30

This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I cant bear to search.

I love, I visit practically everyday, but... I am a Mac user and would really like to be able to see what games have mac clients when I look at the Game List. Please, please, please ... *offers random code and boiled eggs as sacrificial offerings to site programmers*

Also, I have a constant and annoying issue with navigations. When I view "view more comments" page for any game on the Game List, I cannot sort the game list by rating. It goes back to the "view more comments" page for that game. javascript:insertemote('%3E%5EX'); Can someone fix that? javascript:insertemote('%25%5E)');

I use Safari web browser. OMG, Macs are so peripheral in the gamer's world

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