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free, no download, big role playing game

bobrenjc93bobrenjc93 Member Posts: 42
Please I just got banned from runescape because my stupid friend tried to hack someone with my account so can you guys tell me some free, no download, big role playing games



  • GozzarGozzar Member UncommonPosts: 387



  • HuvaraHuvara Member Posts: 73
    Sorry Buddy Runescape is just the best game ever and you just got banned from it! No, not really, in fact after I tried runescape out for about a week I realized it wasn't going to be that great of a game. So you should try a game that you actually have to buy, and pay for (or not), if your into runescapes style of play I would reccommend Dark Age of Camelot, which is only about 15$ for 4 expansion packs, a free month of play, and a awesome game. Or if you don't want to pay, you can buy the crappier, but less expensive Guild Wars for about 20-30$ new or used now. 


  • roflgurlroflgurl Member Posts: 7
    there is a new free mmorpg coming out on june 15 called Hero Online. its seems kinda like Silk Road Online, but with a much more interesting combat system. check it out at : http://hero.netgame.com/


  • KaMiKKaMiK Member Posts: 34

    hero online seems like an arcade game to me :X always same bad animation over and over... :X

    Not my type of game...

  • JakusJakus Member Posts: 3

    GOD! Runescape was good... untill i found Anarchy. Long story short, Runescape = boring, Anarchy = fun

    PS. Hero Online is pretty good

  • wild_child9wild_child9 Member Posts: 15
    Well you could always try making a new runescape account and don't hack anyone or let anyone hack somebody with your account :P
  • ShizofrenicShizofrenic Member Posts: 7

    I heard a story of a guy who killed himself because his account on Runescape got hacked...

    Unbelievable how addicted people can get to a game! If your such an addict like this dude, you need to get a fucking life!

  • ShizofrenicShizofrenic Member Posts: 7

    whoops poll went wrong

  • kris1111kris1111 Member Posts: 8

    Dude i played Mu global online for like a year its preety awsome and fun but ever since they switched from webzen to K2 service started getting crappy game play is fun but yea i dont play anymore cause my account got bugged so i cant get on i was lvl 315 T_T anyway there are 2 p2p servers and 1 free or the other way around . play wigle server its free, btw dont try hacking here they update their game gaurd weekly


  • FlabshabFlabshab Member Posts: 26
    Conquer Online is good and y hack when u can scam and kill and even be the one but there's Hero online legend of ares and gunbound


  • greenfiregreenfire Member Posts: 42
    well i like runescpae its easy to start up and play during lunch brake but if you realy strive for a free mmo and you dont have alot of cash go put guild wars on lay a way and pay it off little by little untill its yours then you never have to worry about fees (untill the next chapter comes out lol)

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  • velocityvelocity Member Posts: 102

    The  games i know that are not needed to get downloaded are.

    Runescape and text based games :P          BORING

  • Blaze323232Blaze323232 Member Posts: 196
    try kingdom of loathing, its interesting


  • AelfinnAelfinn Member Posts: 3,857

    sorry, unless you want to go the way of MUDs I don't believe there is a game that meets all of those criteria aside from runescape.

    There are however a number of good free games that do need to be downloaded. Anarchy Online(the basic version, expansions not included), Bang Howdy, Deicide, Eternal Lands, GunZ, Knight Online, Rakion, Shadowbane, Silkroad Online.

    My personal suggestion, Anarchy Online, or if you like free for all PvP, Shadowbane

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