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Classic Shard - isnt worth it

KnightcryKnightcry Member Posts: 168

I wanted a classic server as well for a long time. When i tried a free shard with a classic server on it i soon became dissapointed.  100 wrestle,scribe mages and tamers with a few thieves is all that was. People back then during the day role played and pwned noob was geek talk where swordsman were the thing to be. Now it is all about "pwning n00bs" in two or three spells for WBB smack talk.

Recall archery............ Think it was good for a brief period of time when the game was first out but it was so overpowering they nerfed it.  Until AOS came out it was a dead skill. UOR archery....miss, miss, hit 30dmg(mage heals,casts casts),miss,hit 30dmg(cast cast cast your dead or running)  That is only the beginning of it.   

Wrestling with bare hands vs a bladed weapon always seemed a bit odd to me. Wish they added that suggestion i gave 5 years ago.......wrestle,swing-wiff,wrestle,swing *cuts wrist of mage----oooooooo dead mage*

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