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Turf Battles: Anyone know anything about this?

It just popped up on the Highest Ranked MMO's at #3 and I have never heard of it before. Anyone know anything about this game?


  • beautyisinbeautyisin Member Posts: 405



  • meakersmeakers Member Posts: 38
    Too late... it was a free download, but after playing for 2 secs you realize why. I agree, this is one to miss.
  • GhakanGhakan Member Posts: 71
    They must have gotten a lot of really loyal players to boost it way up.... -- A Glimpse Into The World of Massively Multiplayer Games.

  • MiNaAuMiNaAu Member Posts: 382
    that game is absolutely rubbish, I downloaded it and tried it, servers were mostly unpopulated and everyone just ignored you!
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