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fatchofatcho Member Posts: 2

Hey guys,

I know a lot of people are playing this game cuz the servers are always full when I logon. Call it a diablo-like no brainer, but there's gotta be something there for all these people to play it. I read an article in Gamespot and apparently the overall userbase of Mu is gigantic. Maybe the lack of advertisement on major gaming websites makes it harder for people to notice or make a decision on playing it or not, but I think that this game has the potential to hit it big in the US/European market just as it has in Asia.

Anyhoo...that's just my take on it. I used to play on the Korean server and if you think the Global beta version is weak, just wait till they update the game. That's it for now.


  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194
    go ahead play it, and the rest of the population.. keep playing take stress off other mmorpg servers

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  • JasonxfuJasonxfu Member Posts: 4
    Mu is a great game, but i think they should add some skills to make it more exiting!

  • MasumaiMasumai Member Posts: 6

    Webzen is adding a lot of stuff it's just they are taking forever to do it like the transformation rings, those might not come out til two more patchesimage

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  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231
    Plus its great how the community in an uproar over the game being hacked and webzen not saying for ages about it. Plus the forums are totally and utterly spammed, every post has been posted atleast 10 times, and the game pisses me off anyway, oh well, good old webzen ey.


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