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Mech Warrior 5 Online

ganjhitsuganjhitsu Member Posts: 43
This one seems like a no brainer, but we are talking about Microsoft. and they do alot of flip/flop in the game area.


  • BanjokoBanjoko Member Posts: 4
    Oh man I remember the Mech Warrior Games, I had so much fun playing the PC ones and customizing my mech and fighting and clicking the 1-9 buttons for speed.... sorry, heard there was one that came out for X-box but I never checked it out so not really sure if it was any good, but and MMO would definitely be cool, and hopefully since all mechs in the old games had their strengths and weaknesses would leave room for skill rather than just superior level to be the deciding factor in fights.

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  • eaglerangereagleranger Member Posts: 66
    i hope this is not a cruel joke i did a post for a mmo in the mw universe couldnt find any now this there might be light at the end of the very dark mw tunnel

    i fight the battles other fear


  • Briggy1701Briggy1701 Member Posts: 15

    I would love to see a MW MMO, it would be awesome, IMO theres a serious lack of GOOD land based Sci-fi games, all i can think of is anarchy online right now, and the graphics are seriously dated on that. If they made a MW with EVE graphics is would be AWESOME! :D


  • Soulfire42Soulfire42 Member Posts: 8

    I just posted this in another thread, but you all may want to have a look at Force of Arms.


  • Xix13Xix13 Member Posts: 259
    Force of Arms looks really good except...perma-death.  Ah well.  Next?

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  • Soulfire42Soulfire42 Member Posts: 8
    Their system of permadeath is rather interesting. It's not one death = end of your character. It's an age of cloning, but cloning technology is not perfect. But yes, there is an end point for characters where they will die. I personally like that. I hate games where wealth and power simply accumulates to no end and there is no real threat of death. It sort of cheapens any reward system or sense of achievement in my opinion. Games of immortal heroes don't appear very heroic to me. I'd rather see a person go out and face a real danger and come home with a trophy I knew they earned and didn't simply respawn enough times until they got it. To each their own though. :)
  • duey100duey100 Member UncommonPosts: 21

    Well, if they do make one, hopefully it fares better than BattleTech 3025.

    I was in the beta before they pulled it....was pretty crazy action, but hard to figure out how to get better at the game.


  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    Briggy you forgot SWG!

    oh wait, you said good, my bad.  But yah, a MW MMO would be very nice to see.

  • FranicFranic Member Posts: 6

    They made another MechWarrior game...but for the DS.  Bleh. 

    Microsoft...please remove your head from your butt and do something with the MW liscense or give it up to someone else!

  • FranicFranic Member Posts: 6

    okay, so if anyone was wondering what Chrome Hounds was like...I can sum it up easily by saying..."Mechwarrior it aint!"  I believed all the press that pushed it as the next great mech game, but seriously, it pales in comparison.  Sure, the graphics are decent, but the gameplay is just lame.  Its slower than mechwarrior and it lacks the detail of the mechs. (I dont mean visually, i mean in terms of the mechs themselves)  For instance, in MW you had various locations that could be hit and destroyed on a mech.  In CH its more of just a single hit location to destroy the machine.  The manual says that you can hit different parts, but in reality, it seems to just be random.  While using the sniping weapon, I was taking out mechs being very ccareful to hit the cockpit area, and the mech would show signs of leg damage.  ???  I didnt quite get that. 

    The single player game is too easy, and the missions can be completed in a few minutes each.  The game is advertised as an xbox live game, meaning you can go kill each other online, but I am not an XBox live subscriber so I cant play it online. 

    The mechs themselves, or "hounds", are okay looking, but where parts mean (torso to legs especially) the point of contact is so small that I dont know how it would really stay together.  stack on a generator for energy and a huge pile of guns and there is no physical way it would work.  (I know, its a game, and I should give it some slack, but the programmers need to make things at least somewhat plausible)

    Oh, and if you were a fan of small light mechs that we fast, look somewhere else.  the game plods along at roughly the same speed for all the mech types.  You can get different "leg" types that will move at different speeds, but even the fastest one moves pretty slowly.  everything kinda moves around as if they were assault mechs, and even assault mechs seemed to move around the battlefield quicker in MW.

    One last gripe before i get back to work...whoever wrote the script for the npcs needs am editor.  in one of the missions, your commander makes a joke in the beginning of the fight about how he doesnt really care about what happens here as long as he gets paid, and then later on says that he loves his home and is going to defend it no matter what.  Sooo....is he a merc or is he defending his home??

    I dunno...if anyone is a serious MW fan, dont look to Chrome Hounds to fill the void.  If you have never played MW, the game might be okay.

  • ViramorViramor Member Posts: 68

    A mech mmo is in development thats being published by NC Soft, Exteel


  • FranicFranic Member Posts: 6
    yeah, i saw that...that is more of an arcade style shooter than a Mech sim though.  Thanks for the link though. 
  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102
    All of the games mentioned in this thread look fun compared to planetside - I look forward to all of them.

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

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