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A little advice

BattagBattag Member Posts: 94
hey everyone how are you...well i have a quick now i am into Guilds Wars and i need to say it is quite im thinking after Guild Wars what should i play..i own both WoW and EQII and FFXI and im not 100%sure wich game i should i say this because mmorpgs are so time consuming and i dont want to play a game where in the end all im going to say is...that was a waste of time.  Now i know what you guys are thinking.."if i post in EQII forums im going to get a biased answer..but after reading review after review for WoW i realized that community is a tad...immature.  So i thought i would get a more flat out response in this section...any help or direction you guys can put me in would be fantastic..thank you very much


  • NecianNecian Member Posts: 73
    I've been told that WoW definitely does have immature players, some of whom are migrating to EQ2 now that SOE is making all their changes, which is unfortunate. I haven't played it myself, and thus can't really say anything on the issue.

    I have, however, played FFXI and EQ2. I'd say it really depends on what you're going for in a game. EQ2 is a great game, and I'm still playing it. I'm not in the end game yet, but from the sounds of it, it's mostly raid orriented killfests that are all for making money and gaining loot, which unfortunately sounds boring to me. At lvl 48, the game is fun, whether I'm questing or grouping soley for exp. DoF expansion seems to add a lot of interesting soloable quests that you can do in the new city and out in the new areas of the world. But, as I said, from the sound of it, once you hit 70 there isn't much to do besides kill stuff for neater items. There is a new expansion slated for November that could add a lot of new content to the game, but I haven't read anything about it, myself.

    FFXI is a good game as well. My only beef with it was that it took so much time to actually gain a level once you're in your 30's and 40's (I quit at 42 or 43 with my red mage), and that you don't really get into the storyline until you're in your 40's or higher. I love the fact that there is a storyline that you quest through, especially now with the new expansions that they've added. The other problem with FFXI is that the economy is flatly destroyed. It's damn near impossible to start out the game as a new character (though there's a few tricks to gain money like buying from NPCs and selling them on the market). Also finding parties as a newb will be hard, because people seem biased against people without a subclass, for some awful reason. I know the last two things because I tried playing it again back in Dec., and no one seemed to want to party with me, despite the fact that I was a whitemage, and the only healer class in the game.

    Now that I've rambled on and on, I hope I've helped you make a decision.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,904

    How come you own 3 of them should think of one at a time.

    My advise is if you got the retail of all 3 try them.

    Way i  see it is best one to get into and is fun for levelling is WoW

    However WoW at the "endgame" aka max level is probably one of the most boring and repeatitive of them all.

    It excels pre 60 but then takes a horrible nosedive.

    FFXI is another good game but has a horrible grind.

    EQ2 has a more boring start then WoW but as you reach level 50 it picks up considerably and then only gets better and keeps bypassing WoW for fun and adventure.Also the pvp servers have acted as a good boost to those wanting some pvp on the side.

    If you want a mmorpg to keep you busy for  about 3-4 months go WoW.If you are looking for a long term mmorpg go for EQ2.

    If you worried about the communiy then i would give WoW the skip and go for EQ2 as it has a more mature player base and things like ninjalooting,rudeness and heck even just leaving a instance without a viable reason will get you blacklisted.

    Recently on EQ2 a good healer got blacklisted by the server community .Why?because he went into an instance and abandoned the instance and went for a raid without warning.

    The group died and got locked out for a day from instance.Unfortunately for him,one of the members of the group was in a guild hosting the raid he went for and he got booted from the raid and further raids by that guild.

    This lead him to have to apologize .So the community is really strong against any sort of bad behaviour .

  • BattagBattag Member Posts: 94
    very very very helpful thank you guys so much right now i am leaning on EQII it sounds like..i really do want to give WoW a chance because of all the press it has but it is just going to have to wait i assume.  Thank you
  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,904

    Originally posted by Battag
    very very very helpful thank you guys so much right now i am leaning on EQII it sounds like..i really do want to give WoW a chance because of all the press it has but it is just going to have to wait i assume.  Thank you

    A lot of the press it got relied on 2 things .1 it was reviewed at launch.2 it has loads of diehard fans of warcraft who were new to mmorpg.

    I too as a vet of many mmorpg was more into WoW then EQ2 when both came out.Since then EQ2 has had numerous changes to make it a better game.

    Also at launch we were all new and had no idea about what life was post 60 and neither did anyone reviewing the game.

    The problem with WoW is the life after 60.Its severely gear dependant(more then any mmorpg i come across).

    So you need to spent time grinding endlessly for months in the 4 raid zones avaliable in the game(thats right 4 raid zones fater 18 months of launch) which is extremely repeative .Imagine doing 2-3 nights a week for 6 hrs for months in same zones.Then option 2 is to constantly play in the 3 BG avaliable for again months to grind factions to gain some reasonable armor thats not even as good as the raid zone ones.

    Failure to do so will just leave you been the meat in pvp.Also if you fail to do so you have few other option on what to do with your character but roll a new one.Thats why its not uncommon to see many players with 2+ 60s.

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