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Should I buy it when I get a new computer or is there better shooter games like PS

sorry new to this stuff

MMORPGs What the F*uck are those


  • TheRebelGenTheRebelGen Member Posts: 103

    Planet Side i beleave is a bunch of small area combat maps but very fast paced and prolly give you a rush while playing. Never played it tho.

    Now WWII online i play its not the same as planet Side the game can be fast action paced nt too much to me tho. WWII online is one giant map of western europ GB to germany.

    There is only 3 factions British French and German, Nromally i spawn near an enemy town run in slowly prolly tke me 20 mins enter a cp kill one guy cap it run out find another german kill him then get shot in the back die despwn and respawn and do the same thing again.

    Now WWII gets close to realism as it can get, No fake crosshair only sights that cme with gun or plane or ship.

    Tanks cant be manned by one person well it can but you have to switch from driver to gunner to spotter to secondary gunner constanly.

    Now i my 4 year old computer with 768mb ram i have to freee up my computer as much as possible i order not to expericebnd lag.

    On the ground walking grrunt lag is no problem but in a plane.. or tank, i have a hard time. Being a pilot is also very difficult.

    Honestly whatever floats your boat i guess. Random fast paced killing,ps. Or Tatical needing skill for surviving WWII with the occasionally awesome battle situations.

  • fredrik1fredrik1 Member Posts: 144

    You should try the 14 day trial going right now. Wwiiol is all about realistic units, there is no nerfing and balancing of individual units and everything is moddeled to stats from manuals and military tests of various ammunition.

    If you have any intrest in the second world war this game is for you.

    Planetside is really nothing other than the generic shooter in a mmo enviroment (wich can be fun in itself, however it does not appeal to me)


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