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Asheron's Call: Pairing with Direct2Drive

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Turbine has announced that it is pairing up with Direct2Drive to offer online distribution for their game, Asheron's Call.



Turbine, Inc. Signs Digital Distribution Deal With IGN Entertainment’s Direct2Drive

WESTWOOD, MA. - May 30, 2006 - Turbine, Inc. announced that it has made its hit title, Asheron’s Call®: Throne of Destiny™ (AC), available for purchase on Direct2Drive (, the successful online digital retail store operated by IGN Entertainment. Now in its seventh year of operation, AC is a fully developed world - complete with a deep history, committed community, and compelling ongoing storyline.

“We are thrilled that Turbine chose Direct2Drive as their digital delivery outlet for AC,” said Sutton Trout, vice president, Digital Content for IGN Entertainment’s consumer products division. “Direct2Drive is dedicated to gamers who want the best quality games, and our partnership with Turbine further accelerates Direct2Drive’s momentum as a leader in the digital distribution market.”

“AC represents one of the longest running massively multiplayer online games in the industry and due to continuing demand we have partnered with Direct2Drive to continue to broaden our reach,” said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO for Turbine. “Direct2Drive is a leader in digital distribution, offering best-of-breed games from the best developers and publishers in the industry, and we're excited to offer their service to the AC community.”

Launched in 1999, AC is a critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game that draws together thousands of players within an evolving and dynamic persistent 3D world. With an exciting ever-evolving storyline, thrilling adventures, quests, and frequent content updates, AC immerses players in an intense role-playing environment. An extensive system of formal Allegiances and player influence greatly enhances social interaction within the game. AC has received several awards over its seven year history including being ranked #27 of Gamespy’s Top 50 games of all time.

Asheron’s Call®: Throne of Destiny™ is currently available online at's-Call:-Throne-of-Destiny-Download for $19.99. Additional information can be found at

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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