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  • SonOfAGhostSonOfAGhost Member Posts: 383
    Now that's a bit of cross-marketing I wouldn't have predicted.

    Interesting way for a real-money poker site to get new players by giving out timecards for Eve depending on how much you deposit. I suppose Eve might get a few new players from 4Kings existing customers if they get given timecards as well. Interesting.

  • cosycosy Member UncommonPosts: 3,228
    CCP say:

    The tournament is being set-up and
    advertised with the blessing of the Marketing Department. I have been assured
    that this tournament is legit.

    Community Manager,
    EVE Online


    I have been in direct contact with
    the representative from, as well as ACTIVEalli from the Marketing
    team. This is a legitimate tournament with some great prizes being offered to
    members of the EVE community who wish to participate and are of legal age.

    4Kings are a part of the B2B poker
    network. (24hpoker AB sweden) 24hpoker network. 4Kings are hosted at B2B
    poker. and CCP Games are not affiliated with each other, other than
    through this tournament.

    is providing all the logistics and prizes. Let's try to be nice to them from
    here on out.

    Community Manager,
    EVE Online


    Ok, I think everyone has to calm down
    here a bit. There are some facts you should recognize before critizing this:

    1. Entry is free!
    2. You play with chips, not
    money, no money is involved. That means you play for free!
    3. If you win, you win
    stuff, good stuff, free stuff! You don't win
    4. Since I can't say this enough, you don't have
    to pay anything to play at all!
    5. You don't have to pay
    any shipping, handling, customs fees or any form of taxes related to the prize,
    it is all covered by 4kings.

    only difference between this and playing poker in school for matches is that you
    actually get something if you win. However, you don't lose anything.

    This is a TEEN rated forum, but we
    did announce the Fan Fest on it, and that is also something which is restricted
    to 18 y olds and above.

    As for
    morals of playing poker, you are free to start your own thread on it in the Out
    Of Pod Experience forum, but it is off topic for this thread.

    EDIT: Some errors have been fixed on
    their site, which means we deleted the post concerning those errors. Feel free
    to post if you experience any problems in the future though. Wink

    Assistant Community Manager
    EVE Online

    to participate on that  waz free

    BestSigEver :P

  • JhughesyJhughesy Member Posts: 419
    What does this poker have to do with Eve is my question?
  • SobaManSobaMan Member Posts: 384
    Nothing really... and you only win a Dell... thus I never signed up.

    We can agree to disagree, or we can bicker constantly... either way, I'm right.
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  • Nu11u5Nu11u5 Member Posts: 597

    Originally posted by SobaMan

    Originally posted by Jhughesy
    What does this poker have to do with Eve is my question?
    Nothing really... and you only win a Dell... thus I never signed up.

    Read the thread at the EVE forums:



    1st : Dell XPS 600 Renegade PC
    2nd : Framed Autographed EVE Poster (double extra large format)

    1st - 18th : EVE Clothing
    1st - 27th : EVE Posters
    1st - 27th : EVE Time Cards


    Other than the Dell (but it is a gaming PC), the entire tournament is based on EVE.

    //insert sig here
  • ChokEyChokEy Member UncommonPosts: 35
    the people at 4kings are eve players i heard
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