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Which Race to choose?

I'm currently unsure I which race to choose, In the past it as been less important because I was only giving the trial ago but now I am going to stay with EVE Online so maybe the race and attributes are more important. I have been reading a lot of threads on the web which state that the Amarr are the least popular. Personally I have always liked the look and history of that race, but apparently there early ships that I will experiences at the start are not very good. I'm still reading up on the races but any ideas or help would be greatly recieved!


  • PegasusJFPegasusJF Member Posts: 268

    Let me first state the Damage Types, EM, Thermal, Kinetic, and Explosive. From left to right is least resistance and up for Shields, while the opposite way is for armor, and structure doesn't resist anything.

    I personally do not touch Amarr, but that's because my first character was a Minmatar (I basically made that choice from reading the race info and...finding a face which I could make smile). But to me, the Amarr are the real villains in that game.

    But...They have very respectable battleship designs. The Apocalypse is THE best tanker, and a Armaggedon is a very good damage dealer for a Tier 1 ship. I've heard that there frigates are bad and I know little of thier cruisers. Their Laser turrets fire EM and Thermal Damage and take a lot of capacitor.

    But another racial line of frigs and their guns can be trained in a couple weeks.

    The Gallentee ships tend to be gunships, which is personified in the Megathron BS , a good hitter. They are decent armor tankers. The Dominix is a very versatile desgin and the premier drone ship, I hear sentry drones really make that something to be feared. Plus the Gallentee have very good frigates (I personally love the Incursus)

    The Caldari are missile based, which gives you flexibility to choose damage, but it's not an "instant" hit, the Raven is very potent in that regard, 6 Seige Launchers with Torpedoes can do a lot of damage. The scorpion is the preimeir EW Ship (and unfortunately, usually the primary target in fleet battles). The Caldari overall are the best EW ships (namely the BlackBird, the Ferox, and the previously mentioned Scorpion)

    Both Gallentee and Caldari primarily use Hybrids, which fire off only Thermal and Kinetic and use a moderate amount of cap, depending on the ammo.

    The Minmatar, well, they aren't the best tankers but they are FAST. I made a Typhoon design that could go 700 m/s with a T2 Afterburner and some overdrives. The Tempest is a very good sniping ship, while the Typhoon is very versatile and a good drone ship. Minmatar ships are generally hybrids as far as guns and missiles. They also use Projectile Ammo, which uses all damage types depending on ammo, and use practically no capacitor.

    Well, I hope that helps you, personallyI hope you become a Minmatar ::::17::

    Welcome to EVE, I hope you have fun, and be sure to join a corp ASAP.

  • Thanks pegasusJF, some great information there. Much of the finer details will talke sometime to get use to no doubt because I don't know where to start when it comes to upgrading my ship or which ship is best. In the end I decided to become a Minmatar, funny really because when I first gave the trial a shot a year ago I hated the look to their ships, But for some reason this time they attracted me with the history. Plus the Amarrians seem an unkind race and I'm not exactly an unkind person. Much of the details about the torpedos and so on willl take ages to get use to but I think my character is fit enough to dab his feet in both trading (my main aim for my characters) and pvp which looks challenging and fun.

    As for the corporations, well at the moment I'm with the starter corporation and I have never played in a player-run corporation but from what I can tell they seem to be a must-do if you wish to learn the steep learning curves. The information was great, so now I am a Minmatar and need to learn a hell of a lot.  Let's hope I don't warp out into the middle of a batte.

    Thanks again.
  • Just one more question, could you recommend any of the Minmatar Corporations which are good for beginners. You know, the ones that don't go mad at you for asking questions about the most simpliest thing on EVE but to me it would seem confusing. Oh and ones that don't call me a noob. I never understand why they call players that because at one point we were all noobs!

    Anyway, thanks again
  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306
    With the addititon of the new races via the bloodlines patch a little ago, the only difference that races make are starting skills and backstory. Any race can train any skill, so, your character is never limited in that aspect of the game. So, the only real thing (other than personal preference of how your avatar looks) that matters is backstory.

    Amarr : the first of the races to organize and begin space exploration after the fall of the EVE gate. They are a religeously based people who still believe in slavery. The own the most space and are very arrogant in their political dealings and unbeatable manufacturers.

    Minmatar : fairly young race technologically speaking, alot of the matar people are still used as slaves for the amarr, controlled by the vitoc toxin. The matar seem to form in tribes all with different goals in mind but ultimately would all like to see their people reign free, to the exception of the ammatar, a loyal branch of minmatar whom serve for the amarr empire. They were liberated hundreds of years ago by the Gallente and have been fighting for their freedom ever since. The matar are refining specialists, something apparent in their ship designs.

    Gallente : far away decendants of the french people, the gallente are the only democracy in EVE. Their views were not shared by their close neighbors, the Caldari unfortunately and after several hundred years of peace, they underwent a great war, resulting in the creation of the caldari state.

    Caldari : a militaristic race formed by the great caldari war (the home system shared by both the gallente and the caldari). The caldari are very efficient people at what they do and are very advanced technologically, unmatched in electronic warfares measures or shield tanking abilities, their vessels are designed for what they do best, fight.

    Jove : race of cloners that pushed themselves passed the limits of human beings, resulting in their near extinction. They have modified their DNA so harshly that they cannot reproduce and are born with a virus that inevitably kills them after so many years, however, with their perfection of cloning procedures, they are capable of substaining themselves. Knowledge seekers, they exchange bits and pieces of their technologies with the other races in exchange for information and history of all the other races residing in the galaxy. [The only race that is not playable].

    As for relationships, the Amarr and the Caldari get along very well, sharing a common hatred for the Gallente, and the Gallente strive everyday to strengthen their relationship with the Minmatar, trying to incorporate them into their democracy. With the upcoming Kali patch, you will likely see faction warfare of Amarr/Caldari Versus Gallente/Minmatar, all the events in past suggest things turning this way and relations do not seem to be getting any better either.

    Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
    Maranthoric ~ La 4ieme Prophetie ~ Level 160 (5x) HE/Feu (de retour)
    Leonthoric[DDC] ~ EVE online ~ <Fire The "Laser"> (retired)

  • Great info again, thanks Dakilla666.
  • SonOfAGhostSonOfAGhost Member Posts: 383
    Each race has 3 starting corps. I've been in Republic Military School for almost 3 months now. We're a pretty patient bunch as long as someone has at least taken the time to complete the tutorial or making an ass of themselves. I know there's lots of corps out there that welcome new players but not sure how many role play to be minmatar exclusive, most I've encountered seem to be mixed-race. But that's what the recruitment channels in-game and on the forums are for. I'm in no rush so I haven't looked too much.
  • I'm currently with the republic military school, haven't had to much time with them so not sure what there totally like.
  • PegasusJFPegasusJF Member Posts: 268

    One thing you should note is that NPC corps are good for only one thing...missions.

    And there are only 1 mission type that is fun, the most challenging and gives the best rewards. Kill missions. Which Security, Internal Security, Command, Survielence, Intellegence (majority) and Admin (50/50).

    If you get a mission the remote speaks of you going out in a cargo ship and getting something, reject it.

    There is also a type of agent that can make you pretty rich if you're lucky. R & D agents.

    Here is some info on R & D agents

    The following Minmatar NPC corps have R & D Agents

    Boundless Creation
    Core Complexion
    Thukker Mix

    The first 2 have admin agents (Boundless has Int Security, but they're all lvl 1). Core Complexion is very large, you can find agents in practically every major region and still run Minmatar missions (plus a wide selection).

    Thukker Mix has a good range of Int Security agents, but it's not part of the minmatar empire. So that's a little bit limiting.

    A higher lvl agent is ALWAYS preferable regardless of quality, better rewards and better standings increases. Also, lvl 1 and lvl 2 agent missions are a bit tedious, since the rewards and standings increases are a bit small, but once you get to lvl 3, it goes a lot faster and is a lot harder, a good challenge for a Battlecruiser.

    For LVL 4, either have a very good tank (and I mean good) or be VERY FAST with LR weapons.

    I work for Freedom Extension, which has a lot of agents around the universe and a lot of Admin and Security agents.

    But then again, my knowledge of player interactions in an NPC corp is pretty limited. I joined a regular player corp my second day. I don't know how they work together and such. If you can find a good experience with a NPC corp, more power to you. But I would recommend you consider joining a player corp. Check the recruitment forums for any interested corps.

    EDIT: One more note, if you want to join a Minmatar RP alliance, check out Ushra' Khan

  • When it comes to the npc Corporations I have experienced mostly delivery missions which at first seems interesting but do get boring. As for the other missions I guess it depends on what you like, I have only really experience one dull killing mission so I can't reallys say what there like. As for the corporations themselves I guess I would have to experience both an NPC corp and a player run corp. Can't say I have heard of the R & D Agents but like I said in a eariler post, I'll be learning as I go probably. Ushra'Khan sounds interesting but it would depending on what type of roleplayers they are like, but to be honest in the world of EVE I don't see roleplaying as a must do for myself as in games like WoW. I guess I would be looking for a cool gang of players who wouldn't go mad at new players because I need to learn so much in this game......

    I know the biggest problem I will have will be with choosing the right ship, ammo, weapons and general upgrades and from my small past experience the market itself. I love how much information they provide but it's a bit overwhelming......

    Thanks again for taking the time to post that information.
  • Rod_BRod_B Member Posts: 203

    You seem to favour a bit of a rounded playstyle, or at least want to be able to branch off in differetn directions with your skills.

    I'd advise you to check the skills forum stickies on for the bloodline spreadheet. It tells you exactly what skills and attributes you'll end up with for eah bloodline and career option you can choose from.

    If i were you i'd choose a character with high perception and about equal willpower, memory and intelligence, with low charisma. Charisma can always be boosted with a relatively inexpensive implant anyway, if you need to.

    I'd say your best bets are the achura and khanid bloodlines. The first gives good science skills and high oeverall otehr skills, the second gives nice startnig skills in gunnery and gives the imo best attributes overall (I prefer somewhat rounded characters as well, rather then perception/willpower heavy ones.

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