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EVE Online TimeCards!

Hello all,

I have recently decided to to totally stop playing WoW because I'm just fed up of playing 12 year old kids and I'm fed up of all this elves, gnomes, dwarfs mindset a lot of games have these days. I did play EVE Online sometime back but sadly for only a short time. I would love to come back but the problem is I don't have a credit card now and I need to find a good site which sells TimeCards. I'm surprised that EVE don't allow other methods of payments but there probably is a reason. I sadly can't find a good site which sells TimeCards (mainly in the UK) and the main EVE Online website sell them but you can only buy them using a credit card.

Some help would be greatly appriated, and if any players from the UK know a good site that would be great too! Don't know why GAME don't sell them!

Thanks for readng!


  • JennysMindJennysMind Member UncommonPosts: 869
    I believe EVE Online uses Pay by Cash . I say it at Eve Online as an option for payment from my own account.

  • I tried the link on that site but it as changed to when i last visited that site. Isn't it more money aswell!
  • C.KorkC.Kork Member Posts: 5

    Yea, Pay by Cash involves more money.

    There is a german site where I buy mine. It supports delivery in many countries and supports multilanguage pannels (you can view the site in english too). Here's the link, if you wanna check it out.

    Hope you get to play eve again.

  • I have been looking into it, it's an option at least!
  • SonOfAGhostSonOfAGhost Member Posts: 383
    The extra money for pay-by-cash shouldn't matter if you only do it that way once. There always seems to be lots of people selling time cards on the forum for isk. So once you reactivate that could be an option going forward.
  • Nu11u5Nu11u5 Member Posts: 597

    Last I used Pay-by-Cash, they took a 25% service fee.

    If you already have a bank account (or are thinking about getting one soon) I would open a checking account and get a Debit Card.

    Most banks have free checking account plans available - they don't pay any interest back, but at the balance that you'll probably keep in there, who cares. If you are still a minor, you just need your parents to co-sign off on it, nothing big.

    A Debit card should only be about a $5 fee per year to have. It will let you use an ATM machine or make transactions from most stores using a pin number to authorize it. Additionally, most Debit cards can be used "like" a credit card. This means you can use it anywhere a credit card can be, and you just have to sign off on the purchase. However, it is still linked back to your bank account, so you get no bills or fees when you use it this way.

    The point is, you can use a Debit card online like a credit card too. If this option is available to you, I recommend it over anything else.

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  • Thanks for the info on their service fee, I do know about the Debit Cards. In truth it probably seems wiser to have one of them then a credit card , Anyway thanks for the info. I'm currently looking into a few things and a few other games. It's basically down to EVE Online a game I have had experience with in the past but never really took part in pvp or anything with fellow corporation members and The Saga of Ryzon which a friend reconmended. I should say that as an ex-SWG player there seems to be a lot of fellow ex-SWG players on Ryzon. So I'm checking it out, I do know that will be joining a game with a skill system rather then levels which I know hate from WoW. I am amazed how many of my friends have left that game now. Thanks for the info Nu11u5.

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