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hey guys i need some help

GallaidGallaid Member Posts: 118
Ok in EVe i love to play the game. but the thing is that i am some what lonely. i joined a corp the first day i started and they have some what helped me. but the thing is that i feel that im not really in the corp. i m thinking of quiting and joining another one. and the thing is that since i joined so early they gave me alot of stuff. and i dont know if i have enough to pay them back. and also i just dont want to just leave any suggestions??


  • SobaManSobaMan Member Posts: 384
    Do they have a TS, Ventrilo, etc. server?  Usually talking to them helps a lot.  Also, start asking people if they want some help.  Also, it may just not be the corp for you.  If you have to quit then I would just do it.  Write an email explaining why (in vague but friendly terms) and quit.  From what I hear, Eve University is a good corp to join right off.

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