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Cant believe people still play this game

bongo123bongo123 Member Posts: 304
Title says it all, i personally thought it was terrible and the biggest joke was they want you to pay a monthly fee to stay in the bland as hell world lol, you have to be stark raving to keep paying codemasters money each month for that complete piece of piss...

/rant over, have a nice day.



  • GrimReapezGrimReapez Member Posts: 463

    Originally posted by bongo123
    Title says it all, i personally thought it was terrible and the biggest joke was they want you to pay a monthly fee to stay in the bland as hell world lol, you have to be stark raving to keep paying codemasters money each month for that complete piece of piss...

    /rant over, have a nice day.

    Sorry this isn't the Runescape forums, please send this in a letter to your mother because she's the only one that cares.

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  • DarkHeart2DarkHeart2 Member Posts: 493

    Title says it all, i personally thought it was terrible and the biggest joke was they want you to pay a monthly fee to stay in the bland as hell world lol, you have to be stark raving to keep paying codemasters money each month for that complete piece of piss...

    /rant over, have a nice day.


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  • flea1flea1 Member Posts: 250
    i agree for the most part.

    The graphics were ok though the water is like atari graphics.
    charecters are cookie cutter no individuality
    Mob diversity same mobs different color different name

    Game play grinder a so called skill sytem with generic moves like all other mmos

    Pvp you got chip wars every 8 hours or you can go gank and grief newbs till higher lvls come then spam heal potions and then recall.

    Overall its identicle to all other asian mmos. Except most of them are free were this one charges you money.


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  • Sh@rd[email protected] Member Posts: 14
    I can't see anything wrong with it.  :P  Graphics are nice, but that's not what I focus on.  I like the grind, it's kinda why I get online to play these games. ^^
  • moptopRPGmoptopRPG Member Posts: 49

    I have played alot of MMO's and I mean ALOT.  So I was on my merry little way and I saw RF and I was like ok cool this may be pretty sweet.  So i subscribe and all that junk and when I eneterd the game I was stunned.  You can even see what lvl othe people are.  And as you said in the begining the world is so bland i pretty much just snapped the disk in half and fed it to my dog.  i THINK YOU HAVE IT DOWN PAT, rf SUXS TO THE MAX.!

    Peace out.

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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    Originally posted by moptopRPG

    I have played alot of MMO's and I mean ALOT.  So I was on my merry little way and I saw RF and I was like ok cool this may be pretty sweet.  So i subscribe and all that junk and when I eneterd the game I was stunned.  You can even see what lvl othe people are.  And as you said in the begining the world is so bland i pretty much just snapped the disk in half and fed it to my dog.  i THINK YOU HAVE IT DOWN PAT, rf SUXS TO THE MAX.!

    Peace out.

    hahaha. you played for a few minutes/hours and you have the illusion you are in a position to judge the game? thats hillarious, thats like saying you know how to fly a plane when you have only looked at it from the outside. but from as I see, your just a graphic kiddie, so back to EQ2 with ya
  • Mikey0002Mikey0002 Member Posts: 97
    Gameloading's right. You have no idea how much depth is actually in the game. You have to spend more then a few hours to learn about it, and learn how many systems there are within it. Each faction has its own leaders, who can be anyone (the best pvpers with the highest Contribute points).

    You have mining and conflict for the main mining location where you can't be ganked, because its protected by this unbeatable MoB, who protects the current faction members who own it. This ofcourse is what is disputed in the chip wars. You have several events organised by the GMs each week. You have all types of combat strategies and styles of play to choose from and see depending on your class.

    The economy, taxes, and all that is affected by how well your faction's economy is which is based on the trade of gold and such...still don't understand how it works, but prices do change in the game.

    Giga 4 is comming with a lot of major improvements to the game, including giving high level crafters the ability to make Intense Weapons (the best)...instead of forcing a player to have to grind endlessly to get a full set of Intense armour for his current level.

    There is all that and much more! The PvE is boring, but the PvP is what I really like about the game, and I think thats what its really all about. This game has the best PvP i've seen, compared to most other games. The players can feel like they effect the gameworld in a way, through mining, the economy and especially through the PvP. I don't think of it as a good PvE game, but one of the best PvP games. Nothing beats it.

    The only issue in this game is the amount of grinding you are required to put in, which is a bit too much, but I'll continue to play it.

    Only 2 other games have great PvP, but I won't play them: Lineage II and Ascheron's Call
    Hate turbine and hate L2's economy. Overpriced everything!

    So the best alternative for me was this game, I hope instead of comming up with pointless flaming you can respect its one of the few good PvP mmos out for the time being.

    Have to put something up!

  • Havoc01Havoc01 Member Posts: 113

    This game is so shallow that if it were a lake it would cover miles but be inches deep. Taxs have little to no affect on gameplay, the minewars are the only good thing about the entire game, and the graphics are nothing to look at. The game is just one huge grind, with PVP thrown in to make it seem like a war is going on. But truely, most of the time your just getting ganked by some loser who has too much free time, best way to become a race leader is to gank low levels.

    This game is flawed and shallow, some people are too short sighted to see that the entire game is just one huge grind, with crappy quests, no story, and horrible gameplay. Codemasters thanks you for being pleased by this crap and paying them money, since they didn't even make it, its more money in their pocket.

  • RedempRedemp Member UncommonPosts: 1,136

     Games nothing but dull reptitous grinding over and over and over. Let's also not forget the Fanboi's they deserve their credit... Single handedlly the fanboi's spout the worst kind of misinformation, codemaster's is even going " Wtf is that really in the game?"

      Skill based pvp ROFL , In skill based pvp it requires a well thought out plan of action to win. Selecting the right spells or abilities to use, assisting, peeling, crowd control, and  thinking while your fighting in general. Rf online pvp requires you to all assist,  Literally all of the 50+ mob of your faction MUST all target one person at a time to win. While some may argue organizing 50 people to attack one mob must be Leadership Skill... I'll just say it's a fools errand. 

      Mining after the chip wars,  Yeha you now have the ability to go Afk mining  for the rest of the day. Which btw also dictates the price of gold in Korea. Economy ??? The jist of economy... you don't want your health potions to cost you to much... because lord knows you need a backpack full of em if you want to survive 50+ people hitting on you.

    I mean come on folks,  how can you get any sense of accomplishment while pvping in this game? Your not needed your class skills did NOTHING but cost him one more health potion..  " Hey Joe I just cost him 2 hp pots with my Leet Mimeattack0001"     " Yehaaa now we just need to sit here on him for 20 more minutes and he might die or recall!"

    To any who plays this game for the pvp and spouts it takes skill... your a no talent hack. I can not wait for you to pick up a real pvp game ---   Daoc, Shadowbane, UO  (Hell WoW and Eq2 has better pvp)...

    I will hand you your --- then giggle, because you thought you could spam pots.

    Redemp Apocalite

  • Seige105Seige105 Member UncommonPosts: 17

    Couldnt of said it better.    

    *cheers* Redemp


  • k11keeperk11keeper Member UncommonPosts: 1,048

    well I beta tested this game with all you other crazy people that took the time to download and play this piece of crap for a few weeks. I was wondering if has gotten any better since people are actually paying for this now. Is it still the same old go kill stuff spam tons of cheap potions to be able to constantly gain xp, then when you get around 20-30 grab a few friends and go spam potions and gain xp in another area with little or nothing cool to do. Then you go into mines and do some bland pvp that the winner is the one who is slow with potions or runs out of them to have control of a mine for a few hours and just leave and make tons of money while your gone? cause if it is thats too bad im having fun playing an mmo with actual content and even thought there isnt much pvp the pvp actually takes strategy and isnt about spamming potions. Thank you for you time and im sorry for those who waste theres playing this heap.


  • brownbeardbrownbeard Member Posts: 5
    Wow, ok... Let's keep bashing on a game that isn't even like half it's full potential.

    "The game is boring!"
    "I hate grinding!"
    "Graphics suck!"
    "PVP is crap!"
    "Yadda yadda yadda!"

    While you may say the game is shallow, I find what most people are looking for in a game quite shallow as well. Graphics? Is that all that determines a good game? What happened to the good ol' days when Chrono Trigger was still da bomb, even with its 24 bit 2D action? Besides, the graphics in RFO aren't even THAT bad. Personally, I think the designers put a lot of detail in the game that the majority of the gamers just don't appreciate. But if I recall, a majority of reviews had quite positive things to say about the game visuals. "Beautiful" was a frequently used adjective.
    Grinding? What happened to patience? Delayed gratification? Is fast-paced high-leveling action all gamers care about now? Does not being able to max level in just a few months make the game so utterly horrible? Online games take TIME! So deal with it!

    Most importantly, the game is STILL BEING UPDATED. Giga 4 is coming out with plenty of updates to "fit your fancy." I mean seriously... RFO's only been around for a couple of months... You can't expect a game to be at its full potential in such a short time. And if you do, then LEARN TO BE PATIENT.

  • slimtimslimtim Member Posts: 4
    the grinding does suck though... i would play for seriously 8 hours and lvl up only like... 3 pts. it's GAY. and i got all sucked into the mau too. my friends kept telling me "oh the robot is so cool! i wanna pilot a robot! you should pilot one!" too bad it SUCKS. god i hate bellato now. i wish i was a toaster, but i'm too lazy to switch over and start all over again. i don't wanna grind pt ever ever ever again. argh.

  • togglemantoggleman Member Posts: 3
    pt grinding is the beauty of the game... you can't expect to start a game and become an expert high-level within a few months. there are people who stick with mmorpgs for years... i mean, the koreans have been playing rfo for years and look how far a lot of them have come. they're at such high levels because they stuck through with the pt grind... and i bet you if you ask them how they feel about the game, a lot of them would say the loved it. not because its that great of a game, but because they've invested so much time into it and have created something great. it takes time to become great. 

  • Psi-BladePsi-Blade Member Posts: 5

    I was super hyped about RF-online when I heard about it. Thought the graphics and style of graphics were fantastic. kept following the game for at least 6 months prior to the beta.

    played the beta and though meh, its a beta the final release will be better.

    got the final release and played for a week and canceled my account. it was a total dissapointment. the game had such good potential but is nothing more than a pot-war grind fest.

    the races are vastly un-balanced due to almost everyone wanting to play as bellato, in order to get a MAU and PvP is then dominated by that one race. despite the other 2 races forming alliances to take control of the mine. afk minning is the largest source of cash in-come and as a result all the prices for all the items are vastly inflated.

    If this was a quest based game in the style of WoW and the game was adjusted so that the PvP winner is not the one with the most pots, I would be more inclined to play.

  • RedempRedemp Member UncommonPosts: 1,136

    Sad as it is, this arguement will continue untill the game is disolved. The most any of you pro-Rfonline people can say in conjuction to any attack is.. "Wait untill it's finished, it's going to get better" . -- I have this to say.

      Rf online missed the boat, it should have been complete at launch. By complete I don't mean balanced,  nor even bug free. Half the game was missing,  higher end areas  were locked. You get to a point and are forced to slow down while the "code" is applied to a states version. Honestlly if you have any experience with mmo's you'll learn if a game isn't COMPLETE from the get go ( regardless of depth, bugs,  or balance) things will be very short and long awaited to change. Multitudes of infant mmo's have been released in this state and grace us with there low ratings presence and dwindling subs. Rf online is another one of these games. I wish it wasn't so, I'd love a good tactical ( being the key word ) major pvp game to play  other than the ones out to date. Rf online just couldn't deliver .. in any aspect a mmo should. 

      Potions are a huge complaint, but they arn't the only problem. In a team based mmo you would exspect to have all factions/races/etc to have defined roles. I. E  Tank,  Healer , Direct Damage, Crowd Control,  Hybrids, Jack of all trades... and the list goes on. Rf online has very few of these distinct roles required for cohesive "team pvp " .  Secondlly  the overall conditions set forth to "prompt" the "wars" are ludicrous at best. Honestlly if anyone enjoys hitting a "Chip" for hours on end you really need to get out more.  In conclusion all thats won is the rights to mine afk for a few hours unmolested. The mined products go towards lowering the encomony gold price ( or something to that nature )  so you can afford new pots to go do it again. If thats not enough the most basic of pvp principles are your only strategic plans. The ability to assist is considered a very worthy acomplishment while fighting. Skill is never in play when your touring the RF online wars, infact if you can hit abilities while popping potions you are "Skillfull" in RF.  The level range is absurd, 2-3 levels above you and you might as well hit /follow start your abiltity / potion macro, and have 10 buddies come join you ;  because it's going to be a long haul.

     In all the game has/had a ton of potential , it really could have made a decent impact ( for the positive ) in the states, but it crashed and burned rightfully so. The game will not get better, they will only drag you along with leaked information, hints to improvement and new content;  all the while draining your account. Asian mmo's and States mmo's are vastlly diffrent; infact the only asian based mmo that comes to my mind that made it anywhere near "Market noticeable"  was L2 . It's a diffrent lifestyle and way of thinking, and in the end I find ( purelly speculation ) most Americans are not into long ( by long I mean  Eq1 original game x2 ) grinds  with no content what-so-ever .  

    Redemp Apocalite

    P.S I played untill lvl 35.. I have plenty of experience with the game... It's is truelly the only game I feel cheated for having wasted even  five minutes of my time. Stop paying for a Asian mmo's revival your money is being wasted.  

  • millerhelp0millerhelp0 Member Posts: 223

    It's the best game i have ever played and I have played alot of mmo's. ::::02::::::01::::::17::::::19::

  • kahnzkahnz Member Posts: 244

    I think the game has some really good new ideas like the chip war, the realm leader, and the mining economy.  However, the pt grind is seriously ridiculous.  It is not a sign of commitment to bash low level monsters constantly.  MMORPGs have soooo many other options to help players progress without repitive grinding.  Grouping is also seriously lacking.  A group is nothing but 6 players bashing on the same mob.  There is no diversity, no teamwork, no sense of comraderie.

    Also RFO is a self proclaimed RvR game, but it is the lame ass who has the most free time to PvE that is the Realm Leader.  I mean why is it in "PvP" games that lowbies can't help at all.  They are One-Shot Sallies.  The players who have the most time to PvE are the ones who pwn in RvR.  I mean realisticly, a veteran deer hunter is going to be a better shot with a rifle than someone who has never held a gun.  However, neither of them is going to know how they will react in battle and both of them will be able to have SOME impact on the fight IF they react well.

    I mean in a 1v1 fight then a higher level person should have a bigger advantage, but in mass battles the playing field is not nearly as favored for the Old Salt.

    In RFO (like most MMORPGs) a level 45 warrior can mow down 100 level 1 players with out any fear of getting killed.  Why do we accept that as realistic gameplay in a PvP game? If the game is really a PvP(or RvR) oriented game then the masses of level 1s should have a job as well as the Realm Leader.

  • joe11joe11 Member Posts: 12
    Game was ok for a while i played for about 2 1/2 months - Grinding got far to bad though for me to pay for another month, and at the end of the day Legend of Mir still has more appeal to me and thats a dated 6 year old 2d game.

  • keiichi2k3keiichi2k3 Member Posts: 30

    Originally posted by bongo123
    Title says it all, i personally thought it was terrible and the biggest joke was they want you to pay a monthly fee to stay in the bland as hell world lol, you have to be stark raving to keep paying codemasters money each month for that complete piece of piss...

    /rant over, have a nice day.

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I stuck with this game for the longest time, praying it would get better and better as I leveled up. That's the kind of mentality people tend to grow when playing games like this, and it's ultimately what made me realize how horrible this game really was.

    I realized this game was going to have a massive grindfest, but I played it primarily because it was touted to have the most strategic, fun, epic and large scale PVP wars ever seen in an MMO.  While they got the epic and large scale thing down, there was absolutely nothing strategic, tactical or remotely engaging about the chip wars when I played.

    It boiled down to:

    Who had the most pots

    Which side had the most players, the highest levels and the best gear(read: the race with the most time on their hands) during CW

    Following the leader- Giant trains of 20-30 players all following one single guy to focus fire on one guy just to kill them. That isn't even remotely strategic, that's just zerging and overpowering.

    The most competent race leader- Race leaders that planned ahead several hours versus 'LoLZ okEY GUYz WER guna DO CHIP WARZ NOW [email protected]" <12 people show up and give free skill points to opposing races because they're too dumb to quit>

    Seeing all the players on screen at once was pretty damn cool, but after I realized the actual mechanics behind the PVP and realizing there was no skill, no strategy and no tactics involved, I logged off, uninstalled the game and cancelled my accounts.

    I have yet to see an MMO game from korea/china that is actually worth playing. What a waste of my time.

    Every game in existence has some form of repetition. It depends on the game developer as to how entertaining that repetition really is.
    Sandbox >= Single Player Games >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Theme Park
    If you think Time Spent == Skill, then this game is for you:

  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087

    I liked the graphics

    I liked the races tho the toasters could have had more options to thee looks.

    I hated the afk nature in mining

    i found the grinding tedious and barly do-able

    the Chip wars are nothing more than Zerg rushes.

    i did manage to get a Mau tho which Sucked.


  • frostzephyrfrostzephyr Member Posts: 4

    I must say i liked(past tesnse) this game.. Btw, I didnt play the Codemaster version but the Asian version, philippine version to be exact,  but heck... its almost the same, graphics, gameplay etc.. just the events and community differ IMHO. and by now, giga 4, well part of it, has been implemented already.  This game is nice( i got hooked actually ) for me, in terms of graphics but what i found dissapointing was char customization and pvp... pvp here is a joke.. lvl 35 vs another lvl 35? goodluck if you can kill each other.. it now depends on who has the most pots... and if you guys wanna know.. giga 4 adds a feature called "macro" whichs lets u use auto-pots, auto-chat etc..

    no char customization... 3 races has same weapons.... diff armors but with same stats i.e Cora lvl35 ranger armor and Bellato lvl35 ranger armor are different in terms of appearance.. but if u look at the stats.. it the same! like wtf... only "customization" is when u place talics/gems.. well... this took me months to realize.. so now i stopped already...

    just wanna share my 2 cents..

  • bongo123bongo123 Member Posts: 304
    so is this game still going? man, i really thought it wouldve died by now, i was gonna download the demo and see if anything changed but decided to spend all day with the motherinlaw slapping myself with a 25lb trout, pretty much the same experience one would have playing this shite.

  • sfchunsfchun Member Posts: 1

    Well , i played some MMORP without being a great hardcore gamer ,

    i'm sure about one thing ,you cannot judge any game without spending at leat 2 months on it playing everyday at least 2 hours ;)

    here is my recommendations

    you're looking for good graphics ??? go to : Saga Of Ryzom

    you're looking for a good PVE game : go to WoW

    you're looking for a good PVP game ? : go to RFO/Ryzom or why not GuildWars (which i confess is not a real MMO , but is great for PVP)

    Each MMO have is own particularity , just test and play realy the game to make your own opinion, and also following if you whish to pay or not.

    I tested some , i'm now on RFO , once i'll be at level 40/50 if i can't have what i'm expecting for in PVP , then i'll be back to Ryzom which is for now my favorite ;)

  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102
    There is a certain finesse to grinding communities that Im very fond of.

    You get a lot of "plz need xp" people but the majority of the community is polite and enjoys congratulating each other. No ones disguising the fact that each level is hard work but it comes with worthy rewards and its fun to watch your friends progress through difficult achievements.

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

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