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Good game or not?

YordoYordo Member Posts: 831
Is anyone in beta right now for this game?  If yes, is it a good game or not?  I'm thinking about applying for beta but I don't want to even submit an application if the game is bad.  Info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    if you like a really repetitive  no brainer diablo clone, this is the game for you<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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  • ryu1sangryu1sang Member Posts: 1




    i like it, i used to play mu korea and i had so much fun.

    it is in beta service right now, but i am sure there will be many events and quests like korean version.

    why don't you try it?


  • StijunStijun Member Posts: 100

    It's not that bad guys, theregistration is instant so no waiting, the download is small and the graphics are sweet.The gameplay is abit repetitive but the mounts look pretty cool.

  • fatchofatcho Member Posts: 2

    I like it enough to play it regularly... don't have time on my hands, but i find time to play it at least 1 hour a day with my coworkers. I think that if you're into creating and nursing avatars, it'd be more appealing to you. Like someone said here, the registration is quick and the download is really small, so you might as well try.

    If you do decide to play it, I recommend that you start as a knight and find a higher level elf that can help you out. Makes it much easier to level up.

    Have fun!

  • ZhenxZhenx Member Posts: 4
    i played the beta for 3 months plus, the game is improving everyday. in fact it's one of the better games under beta testing right now.

  • JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150
    A game with a very small world. Got bored of it when i reached lvl 90+. To fully enjoy this game, get a regular party with an intellient elf in it, or not ur gonna get bored fast.

  • CROMMCROMM Member Posts: 5
    Dumb question, What is "MU Online"?

  • JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150

    Here for more info

  • ShinoShino Member Posts: 7

    Mu is a great game online !!!!!!

    For more info:

  • ZhenxZhenx Member Posts: 4



    The game is full of hackers. Many top level accounts have been hacked including many of my friends.


    If the developers do not do anything about it soon, many people will leave the game.

  • ice_pice_p Member Posts: 29
    This game is primitive like another diablo clone. Only hacking and slicing.image

  • SamuraiSamurai Member Posts: 7


    Small download, instant sign up, pretty good graphics, plus the people arent that bad.


    TONS of hackers, players from the Korean version have immigrated to this one, bringing their characters with them, you have no chance against them. Possible racism against asians due to some guild(made up of all China based players, accused of hacking many, many times). The area is so small, its utterly horrid.

    I got bored around lvl 40.

  • ZhenxZhenx Member Posts: 4
    u cant bring characters over from the other versions...

  • MasumaiMasumai Member Posts: 6
    That isn't what i have been seeing *killed at least 5 times by  lvl 100+ poeple*

    Day by day, he returned to the one who betrayed him. Did he know something we didn't? Nope he was just an idiot

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  • Raziel788Raziel788 Member Posts: 1

    Ive played it on and off for a while, its quite good, but every game has its floors.  If u can look past the fact that there are alot of hackers, and the other main problem... that being a very unsteady economy then it is a quality game, and bbh all games i have played have had problems with hackers, no game is safe, and considering the game is only about 35% complete... yes it has teething problems.


    I like it, but yes it can be a lil repetitive

  • NaxarataNaxarata Member Posts: 1
    So...This game is some kind of D2 but with better Graphics and Game play(according to me ofcourse)image...There are Lots of types of Mobs,Weaps,Stuff etc.,Also u can make party(group) with other ppl!Try it its fantastic game :)image

  • JulesnukedJulesnuked Member Posts: 6
    i played it 4 a while but it soon got boring 4 me ...slow lvlin a lot of pks and ppl r not the friendliest so after 3 mnths i decided to quit:)

  • YordoYordo Member Posts: 831
    Not fun at all....Pkers rule the world and the community is horrible.  The graphics and gameplay options are not much either, so I don't suggest playing it.  Of course, this is just my opinion.

    EQ2, UXO, Lineage 2, KO, Guild Wars, City of Heroes

  • PigdestroyerPigdestroyer Member Posts: 1
    The Armour is fricken pimp (colours)image

  • poplarpoplar Member Posts: 2
    i play this game been playing for a few weeks now you can choose to play on 1 of 2 servers one where there is no PK'ing and of course ther other where there is at 1st the game is quite good like all games but after awhile the fun wears off i play for an hour  a day  now image

  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276


    its oky kinda, feels funny when controling the charector, my bro plays it,

    ill stick to legend of mir though image

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  • It is a good game if you dont get into guild or members politics. Stick to be yourself. And rumours said this game has no GM support. So the hacking rate is at red level.

    I have mine hacked twice when i found the choas and some rare stuff.

  • OminisOminis Member Posts: 1,015
    Everyone says there is tons of hacking. Like as much hacking as there is in Diablo?

    "Let me see if understand you... If I put my sword down and you put your rock down, we'll kill each other like civilized people?"

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  • termitextermitex Member Posts: 8
    I tried MUOnline for like two days.  On the third day it kinda felt strange and I thought to myself - why am I still playing this game?  It felt too much like Diablo2 + Prince of Qin mixed together and I didn't like it too much.

  • xakiraxxakirax Member Posts: 30

    shittiest game i ever played, if i could give it less than 1 i would, despite being repetative unto nausea,  the graphics suck, the whole thing just lacks alot of depth,  its boring, its just running around with tons of other people all willy nilly around you,  noone talks except spamming the chat too fast to read, selling items.    

        if you attack something, someone else near you will just attack it and steal half the xp,      i had more fun leaving my computer to go to the kitchen than playingin the field,  i gave the game a few chances too, hoping somehow it would improve but it doesnt,   there arent even many options,   it was a waste of time,   i cant believe they think they are going to compete with anything,  hell if i were them id be nervous even pong is out there somewhere,  cause they will lose players even to that.  

         final fantasy 1 had more character classes than this,  you just click on stuff and attack it with whatever weapon your boring class is supposed to have,   it doesnt realy matter because whatever you pick its just the same in the end.  theres nothing special,    even the mage class,  'dark wizard'  you just click on something with the right mouse button instead of left and it spams the spell just like the archer spamms the arrows,  its the same stuff.      their website looks better than the game does.   if you want to know what the game feels like,  play diablo 2  but turn the graphics down and try to imagine of they made the game in 1990.

    i love you but i've chosen darkness

    i love you but i've chosen darkness

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