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swamp druid build

damian7damian7 Member Posts: 4,449
any comments on how to improve this build?  i don't want to be a treasure hunter (with carto and whatever else).

fishing    100  
taming     90 
lore         80  
vet          80 
magery    75   gates, recall, occasional greater heal/cure, stuff like that
ninjitsu     50  6 shapechange forms, shadow jump and mirror image (can't use the others, no combat skills)
hiding      70 
stealth     70 
alchemy   85  heals, cures, explosions, buffs, confusions, etc

ok, fishing is one part of the build i want to keep.  the idea is to be out on my boat, with my pets, fishing up grand treasures ala pirate style.  or um, attacking evil boaters ala pirate style?

ninjitsu for the shapechanges.  could drop it to 40 (4 changes) or i guess even 1 (with 2 changes).  figured shadow jump and mirror image might be interesting to have. min i want to go here is whatever would let me still have the two basic shape changes and be able to do them halfway on command.  might need it up around 50 for that, dunno.

magery won't be regenerating mana since it's the only mage skill i have.  it'll do in a pinch, and for gates/recalls.

hiding/stealth, no point in shadow jumping if i won't stay hidden/stealthed, right?  if i drop ninjitsu's points any, then stealth could probably go, or both if needed.

alchemy could be gm'ed i guess (yank points from stealth and/or hiding), or lowered.  i want at least the pots you can make with 65 skill, to where i can make them without failing 2 times out of 3.

what comes to mind is a pair of imps, plus maybe a poison pet (scorpion?); or maybe 5 with the same pack instincts.  frenzied ostards? spiders/scorps? dunno, i'll research on tamer forums and mess around with pets ingame.  but the jist here is they're my damage dealers, augmented with pots, and maybe a couple of magic shots.  should i take points from elsewhere and buff vet/lore?

could we please get correspondent writers and moderators, on the eve forum at mmorpg.com, who are well-versed on eve-online and aren't just passersby pushing buttons? pretty please?


  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804
    Looks ok though I think you need 80 hiding to train stealth and you might consider boosting some skills with jewelry.

    Hope you have fun with that template .

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