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Nintendo:Leading the way to virtual realities.

PuoltryPuoltry Member Posts: 956
With the Wii being the sleeper hit of E3 is there any doubt that this is a truly unique INTERACTIVE gaming console?

Nintendo is the granddaddy of ALL console gaming.They have not only been around the longest but are considered the underdog of the industry.With Microsoft and SONY battling it out for supremacy Nintendo is sneaking around making a game system for everyone to use.

I think it will sell quite a few units and maybe even more than the PS3 come XMAS.

The PS3 and the XBOX360 are the equivalent of a digital camera with all the bells and whistles.Cameras now come with the ability to shoot video and even have mp3 players.But when it comes to taking a picture you miss the shot everytime.

Im not saying the Wii is better but it is more innovative than PS3 or XBOX360.

Im hoping that Nintendo will develop a "VR" console system.

Imagine frinstance playing "WoW" by putting on goggles and a pair of gloves.

Say your a hunter and you play the game with a "controller"that is an actual bow plugged into the usb port.You would actually have a "string" to pull and release.The whole interface would still be there but now it is even more comp[lex and challenging.

IMHO the Wii is the owner of the term:Next generation console.

Want to ENJOY an mmo?

Dont start a guild and dont be a leader or volunteer to be coleader or captain.

Just play the damn game:)


  • CowinspaceCowinspace Member Posts: 671

    Originally posted by Puoltry

    Im hoping that Nintendo will develop a "VR" console system.

    They did, it was called the Virtual Boy, unfortunatley as with all VR motion sickness killed it (your eyes are telling your body its moving, your inner ear says your standing still, most people will get queasy after a few minutes).


  • DaEm0nDaEm0n Member Posts: 520

    Actually, I think the first company that will actually develop inside virtual reality will most likely be Microsoft.

    After all, they have the money to do it.


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