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If you got billed for the free trial...

ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

Posted this in another thread (the scam one).  Figured I'd start a fresh thread in case anyone is avoiding that one to be sure everyone sees this that got billed:

Edit:  Just got this from SOE in my email:

like our platform group has filed the current behavior as a bug at my
request (your email was a big help in getting this done,) so you can
expect to see the "standard answer" from our CSRs change a bit.

luck gang.  I would recommend being very clear that you were trying to
use the free trial and filled out the credit card page by mistake when
you call in for your refund...  (By the way, they can tell if you
actually were using the 'trial' setup or not).

If you got billed by mistake when trying to sign up for the trial and had no luck getting a refund.  Might want to try contacting them again.  According to my contact they are now refunding for it.

Hope this helps!.

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