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So has there been any official word on SB's status?

ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077
It's still up but for how long?  Has Ubisoft made any statement about what they're doing with it?

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  • NaturallyNaturally Member Posts: 28
    I am not at liberty to say much at this moment. There is currently an official announcement in the works that will explain things at greater length and detail. At the same time, we know the community has many questions and we do not wish to just ignore the situation. What I can say at this point is that come tomorrow, Shadowbane will still be running and you'll still have Sachant and myself here to do what we do best. You will also see Jinx, who is new to the Shadowbane Team but an old member of the community itself.

    Let me dispel any rumors before they begin. Today Wolfpack Studios has been dissolved and is no more. With that said, members of Wolfpack are reforming under a new group. This group will be working with Ubisoft to help usher in the next era of Shadowbane.

    In other words, do not go anywhere! The Saga that is Shadowbane has many more chapters to be written and read!

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