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Argent Dawn: The Dominion - New Horde Guild!

VanysVanys Member Posts: 1

As of Friday night The Dominion has been formed on the Argent Dawn server.

We are a Horde guild welcoming all races, classes, and playstyles. Our leadership is made up of a group of four friends sharing one vision, and we're hoping that this guild is as appealing as we think.

Here are some useful links for those who might be interested:

Guild Charter
Hierarchy and Ranks
Full Website (We could really use someone who knows how to code!)

Anyone who would like to learn more is welcome to ask away either here or in-game (send tells to Vanys, Zorthorn, or Orexis), and applications can be filled out on the website by registering with Guild Portal.

You can also contact me via AIM at XxHeartlessBoixX

The Dark Emperor

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