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Die Shadowbane Die !!!



  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79

    I have to say that Shadowbane has greatly improved since release. There is minimal lag and very few sb.exe errors now. We had a seige on vengaence the other day at prime time that was 100 v 100 and there was slight lag but it was not a slide show like it use to be. Also during that seige I only remember 1 person on our side getting a Sb.exe. Also with the release of seige spires, Seiges are fought the way they are intended with the attackers outside the city having to bash walls down to get in. This game has made great improvements.

    Oh and for the person that asked if anyone has checked out L2. Yes I got in beta the xp grind is rediculous. Also losing levels because you die in a pvp encounter is total bs.

  • NochthitusNochthitus Member Posts: 10
    I'd still play SB if they'd let me run my own server, because sometimes there are some serious idiots and whiners on that I would enjoy playing with my local friends on a server where we can all have our own city and then do battle..hehehe

  • StromkoStromko Member Posts: 36

    The idea of Shadowbane is pretty good, and although I'd certainly say some classes / point spreads are utterly gimped, it is a cool idea to be able to get together with a clan and make your own cities.

    What ruined it for me was the uber guilds. Massive conglomerates of players who had migrated from other games, who were able to utterly dominate servers and destroy the cities of hardworking smaller guilds. I got in on a guild myself, I felt a real feel of ownership in the guild even though I was a normal member, because it was the money I gathered in hunts that paid for various towers and walls. Then, we got sieged by the server's resident uber guild. They had no actual grievance, they just wanted to entertain their members, and that was the end of my interest in that game.

    Might makes right is a fun idea, but with the amount of investment required I just don't feel it's suitable for an MMORPG, at least not how it's implemented in Shadowbane.

    Also... stun = win. Balance was poor in PvP, and it was rather overly chaotic. It wasn't fun, 90% of the time the results would be determined before the fight ever began, but then that's fairly typical of PvP period.

  • speaktome62speaktome62 Member Posts: 5
    I never really understood why people bitch about a game, but after playing Shadowbane since beta I can understand why.  I think Shadowhbane fills a much needed niche in the gaming market for those who don't really want to follow some corny RP or carebear teamwork.  People never really complain about things they are good at, and it occurs to me that those who bitch the most are the unfortunate product of being pk'ed too much.  Blame the graphics or the lag (which I'm not sure what servers people have been playing or what their internet connections ten to be but I have experienced very little lag in the past 3 month) but there are those who lose to a pk or lose their guild will just quit, and thats fine but don't balme the game.   image

  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    Originally posted by Malkavian

    At I did make over $2k on the game though, so I dont see $116 as being a total loss image

    So You are saying that somebody forked over $2,000 in U.S. dollars for your account on a game that ... From what I have read in these forums, sucks butt?   pfffft!

    I have seen the Arctic Circle... And it is round.

  • DarksideDarkside Member Posts: 6

    I was in the open beta and thoroughly enjoyed the game, despite it's early problems with lag and crashes. I bought the game and joined a small guild where I was able to buy and maintain serveral buildings including a forge. This was a great experience but the game turned into a part-time job trying to farm money to maintain or upgrade my 3 buildings. Finally one day I just quit- because of the farming for gold routine was way too boring.

    I understand the maintenance costs have been decreased, so I may give the game another try. Which classes are the "uber" ones nowadays anyway?

  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79

    Which classes are the "uber" ones nowadays anyway?


    Actually most of the classes are very well balanced now. So i would suggest playing a character type that you would enjoy.  The largest problem out there right now is that most people do not know hw to make up a group configuration and do not know how to actually play their characters.

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