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Big Time PVP CORP Recruiting!!!!

WaxiWaxi Member Posts: 1
We'll train you, we'll support you, we'll get you some ships, and modules. We'll help you be the best PvPer you can be!

Liberty Rogues is an active, heavy, pvp corp, which is part of the The Narcotics Team Alliance [TNT]. With both experienced and young players alike, we will help you reach your potential in eve - So come join us!!

For a more detailed explaination, and for questions/recruitment, contact Waxau ingame!


  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306
    Big pvp corp recruiting yet, I've never even heard of you guys, what regions do you operate in/from. What battles have you fought/participated in that might help people recall exactly, who you are ?

    Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
    Maranthoric ~ La 4ieme Prophetie ~ Level 160 (5x) HE/Feu (de retour)
    Leonthoric[DDC] ~ EVE online ~ <Fire The "Laser"> (retired)

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