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European version?

Rookie-DooRookie-Doo Member Posts: 5
Hi all,

is RFO playable from Germany?
I've tried to play the version "phillipines" (or something like this) but it doesn't work...

So how is it possible for me to test this game?



  • VelcroyVelcroy Member Posts: 93
    Yes, it is playable for anyone in Europe that doesn't have a different version of RF Online licensed to them. The only other licenses I know of are Korea, Japan, China, and Phillipines. SO you can just buy the Activation Key and dowload the client from Codemasters if you want to. You could be playing in a few hours :)
  • madrugamadruga Member Posts: 226
    The codemaster version is playable for the most countries of the world.

    Oh well !

  • Rookie-DooRookie-Doo Member Posts: 5
    thx chummerz! 


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