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Game with the best interface?

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

so sry this was in the wrong place =)


  • JennysMindJennysMind Member UncommonPosts: 869

    Intriguing question and a hard one to answer. AO's interface is a good one and customizable and probably the best of 1st gen MMOG's. 

    I've played quite a few MMOG's---AO, AC, AC2, WoW, EVE. Out of these I'd have to say WoW has the best interface, mostly becuase Blizzard allows a player to create macros to customize it their own way. There is a website full of different macros or compilations of favorite macros to insert into the game. I like EVE's web browser inside their interface where you can link to sites ingame that are specifically created for EVE ingame. The worst of the batch of games I've listed is AC. It's an old game where all interaction is in the one and only window (unless things changed with ToD).

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