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Free MMORPG with crafting?

It's time foe me to make a post.

So here is what I'm looking for:

Completely free (free to download and free to play)
Must have some form of a crafting system

This may not exsist, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask!

P.S. I am aware of games like Guildwars and Anarchy Online, I can't afford Guildwars and I have already tried Anarchy Online.  Also, please don't post Runescape as an option.



  • BlinxerBlinxer Member CommonPosts: 120
    I think goonzu is free, and its meant to be crafting based. I'm not sure though I've never tried it. If that doesn't fit just have a look at the free game list sticky.

  • AguyAguy Member Posts: 561
    If this is what you want then runescape is perfect for you.
  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    not runescape

    you could try wurmonline though its going gold in july.  very good crafting system. 

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  • MaelstromWARMaelstromWAR Member Posts: 99
    Where is the free game sticky?????
  • KaptainZergKaptainZerg Member Posts: 322

    Originally posted by MaelstromWAR
    Where is the free game sticky?????

    Open yer peepers, d00d, the word sticky doesn't refer to a used (INSERT INAPPROPRIATE WORD HERE). The Sticky is stuck at the top of all the threads listed in this section. mmorpg.com free games list

    mmorpg.com really, really ought to edit this list and add to it. Assign an enthusiatic forum member, throw him or her some leftover E3 swag, or some such; there would be volunteers if a call was made. There are far better free game lists on other sites but decorum prevents me from listing them here.

  • Jade6Jade6 Member Posts: 429
    Saga of Ryzom; although you can't leave the island without paying.
  • InstamaticInstamatic Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Rubies of Evintide has a nice mining, harvesting & crafting system.


  • SpathisSpathis Member Posts: 79

    No offence but the Free MMORPG List on these forums suck hardcore very outdated and have crap games. Check this site out for a Free MMO List. Theres a couple Crafting RPGs.


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  • neuronomadneuronomad Member Posts: 1,276

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